>Up 'n' Down


I’ve been very emotional this week over a variety of things, good and bad.

The Bad:

Stress over a project at work, missing my hubby while he was away for two days, noticing my puppy struggle more and more with his sight and hearing and ability to get up on furniture (he’s almost 15), getting (figuratively) sucker punched by someone for no reason I can fathom, struggling with the gym and my weight, doing a terrible job of blogging, hating the winter, missing some friends I have not seen in a long time and several moments of “my life sucks.”

The good:

Getting to snuggle with my aging pup all week, having a wonderful hubby to miss, having him come home tonight, hearing my good friend sing beautifully at his recital, spending time with a couple friends I have not seen in a while, reading some great blogs, getting various messages and texts from friends that made me smile, really good sex, and several little moments of “my life is great.”

Ah, the roller coaster of life…

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5 Responses to >Up 'n' Down

  1. >I think the cold weather is the cause of all bad things.

  2. Cubby says:

    >In and out.In and out.Just like the tide.And something else.Everyone cycles.You're no different.What am I saying?I don't know.

  3. Brent says:

    >I like the way you set up this post with the good being contrary to the bad…. Sometimes it's easy to find the good (I'm happy to have a job I hate rather than not having a job at all) other times it's not so easy (my boss is a jerk…period) Chin up… have a cup of tea (that's probably what Spo would recommend) and realize the weekend is only hours away… yeah!!!

  4. Ron says:

    >Every day that I am alive and in good health I consider a good day. Some days are better than others and some days not. I enjoy sunny days (which I prefer) and I value the cloudy days. Each day has its own beauty and worth.

  5. D@vid says:

    >I think there's something in the air… I walked by a book about puppies tonight at Barnes and Noble and almost teared up. It's ok to be emotional… I find that a good night's sleep refreshens the connectors in the head, puts the days crap behind you and you wake to a new morning. Wow… did I actually say something positive? I think I'm going to cry. 🙂

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