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For some time now, I have wanted to attend a blogger gathering. I have read about other bloggers organizing group meet-ups and have always wanted to go to one, but after 4 years and 4 months of blogging (has it only been that long? I can’t remember not blogging) no opportunities have arisen to meet other bloggers in a group, save for the opportunities I have created to meet some, one on one, by hosting or traveling.

So, following the belief that if you want something to happen, you should make it happen, I’m going to take the bear by the paws and try to organize my very own blogger meet up. This is what I’m proposing:

I am willing to host a Blogger Bonanza at Chez Breen for the weekend of August 12-14, 2011 (these dates can be expanded a bit depending on participation, interest and convenience of arrival and departure times) and would be happy to host as many of you (and your spouses/significant others) who are ready, willing and able to share our house for the weekend.

Here are some of the criteria you may need to know when considering whether to participate:

  • Depending on where you are coming from, your options for travel may include driving, flying and train and we would be able to pick up and drop off all who would be traveling sans car.
  • We live in a 2 floor, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in Guilderland, about 20-25 minutes west of Albany, NY proper. We have a fairly large yard with an in-ground, heated pool. We also have all the necessary equipment for Internet access. Cel phones are a crapshoot…most people get the connectivity they need but on some occasions, people don’t. We don’t have a land line phone, but our cel phones are available for use as needed.
  • We will no longer have a scantily clad, tanned and toned, 26 year old housemate running around our house.
  • We have 2 guest rooms with full size beds, a pull out futon in our downstairs library and a sectional sofa in our living room. I estimate we can accommodate up to 8 people on existing furniture (assuming 2 people would share a bed and or sofa or futon in each of the rooms) and then we have floor space for several more. We have 2 air mattresses we can also offer and could probably borrow more for utilizing floor space. How much privacy any of you would have will all depend on how many people actually want to come for the weekend.
  • There are a couple hotels within 15 minutes of our house if that is something you would prefer.
  • We have a (soon to be) 15 year old rat terrier/Chihuahua dog that does not bite, rarely barks but does shed.
  • We live in a slightly rural suburban neighborhood, 5-10 minutes from several grocery stores, fast food places, and a couple decent restaurants.
  • Smoking is permitted outdoors only

These are some local attractions/ideas I have for events for the weekend:

  • Weather permitting: A pool party and cook out, which can either be just the attending blogger folk or I can make it a bigger brouhaha and invite my cast of characters from the life of Idle Eyes.
  • Dinner out or home-cooked meal (or both) depending on the mood, desires and skill of the bloggers in attendance.
  • A night out at Rocks, our favorite gay bar if we decided we want to go out and or a pub crawl of all 3 main gay bars in Albany (Rocks, Water Works and Oh Bar.)
  • 2 museums in nearby downtown Albany.
  • A walking tour of Albany (my husband is a GREAT tour guide)
  • A night or afternoon of bowling.
  • A group Undie Monday shot.
  • A picnic in the park.
  • Movie night out at a great independent movie theater or home at the Chez Breen Theater.
  • Attending a show (depending on what’s available/running at the time) at one of our local performance halls.
  • Training into NYC and back for a day trip and/or show (a 3 hour ride each way)
  • Caravan to Great Escape in Lake George (a small 6 Flags amusement park)
  • A hike on one of our local nature trails.
  • We also have boccie, croquette and volleyball at home for local activities. We have nearby tennis courts and bike trails, too.

The pool and bar will be open 24/7 for those who want to lounge and sunbathe and swim and cocktail whenever the urge hits. Pool is always suit optional, (with a bit more discretion needed during daylight) and becomes skinny-dip central after sundown. (But suits always appropriate – there is no compulsory nudity at Chez Breen.)

These are all just suggestions and ideas off the top of my head, but I’m open to more. We can make it a strictly local hang out get to know each other weekend or a see things go places weekend or a combination of both. We can plan just one major hang out get together and the rest of the weekend can be “spend as you choose” without schedules and plans as well. We can make this weekend whatever we want it to be.

I guess the first step is in determining who’s interested in coming. Once I gather that list, we can plan the weekend more accordingly.

I’m really hoping there will be a lot of interest, although I understand time and cost are a factor and I do not exactly live in a top tourist destination, but even if only one lonely little blogger wants to come, I’m going to do this, so definitely let me know and I’ll gather a list and start shoring up plans.

So, who’s in? E-mail me at breenlantern@gmail.com

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10 Responses to >Chez Blogger?

  1. Kyle says:

    >How exciting! As I've said before, we'd be up for it, since we are very close. I love Albany and would love to visit again and actually spend some time seeing the sights. That time of year Stan travels and there may be a few other issues, but I'll e-mail you about that stuff. It would be nice to meet our fellow bloggers and for Stan and I it would be nice to socialize with other gay men(they seem to be as hard to find here as unicorns, unless you want to go to gay bars or are just trying to hook up for sex).

  2. Ur-spo says:

    >oh, how I would love to attend!I will look at the calendar now and see if it is possible. Wouldn't that be exciting!

  3. >I am in, but I live only 10 minutes away LOL

  4. anne marie says:

    >would you accept (1) a non-blogger and (2) a str8 girl?

  5. Ron says:

    >You, my friend are an extremely generous and fearless individual. I have to give you credit. Go for it. I wish I could come (no pun intended) but I rarely travel and the one travel trip this year is to my spouse's hometown in Georgia (he's 82). However,I would come (again, that pun) if for no other reason than to meet Cubby, who I think I already met at the 2009 Washington March (so many men, so little time.)

  6. Thom says:

    >I'm not sure about the dates – I think I have to be back at work at 8AM the following Monday – but if possible of course Richard and I would love to come.

  7. Breenlantern says:

    >"Extra Sexy Panties"?

  8. Cubby says:

    >Unless there's a family wedding or a family death, you can count on Greg and I to come. We'll bring our air mattress and can sleep anywhere. Greg went out and bought special sexy undies yesterday in anticipation of your announcement today. Maybe he has ESP.

  9. Alan says:

    >Wow! That sounds like an opportunity to exciting to miss! Right now, it will have to be, "I don't know," since I'm not exactly what you'd call a "free agent" and have a lot of uncertainty in my future. However, I would absolutely love to attend and will try my best to do so.

  10. >That would be awesome occasion.

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