>Today's Gay Agenda

Awake at 5:30am.
Shoveling at 6:00am.
Treacherous drive to work.
Treacherous drive to my eye exam.
Treacherous drive home.
Get the Mail.
Afternoon talking and having tea with the housemate.
More shoveling.
Dinner made by the housemate.
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.
Full Monty.
And soon….Bed.
The end.

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6 Responses to >Today's Gay Agenda

  1. CawfeeGuy says:

    >ach i'm exhausted just reading this…and a little drunk…(you had alot of wine)

  2. Ur-spo says:

    >oh you shameless thing!

  3. wcs says:

    >Ah! Subversive! Crochet-ing. How sick is that. lol!

  4. Kelly says:

    >I am jealous (except the work part and eye part)..I want a big snow day!!!

  5. Cubby says:

    >I love the pic.

  6. Alan says:

    >I'm confused! How did you manage to travel all the way to Texas in between doing the laundry and bedtime. Time travel? Or was it "Beam me to the whorehouse, Scotty!" ps. I've thrown my hat into the blogging ring…check it out!

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