>Pride to "Spare"


I am excited about the bowling tournament we will be participating in, in February, and it reminds me, once again, why on line connections can be a good thing.

I was chatting with a guy on Scruff who flattered me with a “woof”, when he mentioned seeing bowling in my profile. (Yeah, that’s right, I’m not ashamed to admit I bowl in my public profiles.) He told me he bowled too and, in fact, organized an Annual “Sweetheart Invitational” LGBT bowling tournament held every year (as Annual events often are) on Valentine’s Day weekend in Wallingford, CT. After a lot of back and forth questions and answers, I decided to suggest to my husband, Jeffrey, that we consider going. He was intrigued with the idea, so we put the message out to our bowling friends to see if anyone wanted to join us and register as a 4 person team. One of my good friend (and our current League Treasurer) Matt, said he and his partner, Patrick, would really like to bowl with us, so our new team “Pride To Spare” was born. (A nod to hubby for the great name.)

We will travel to Connecticut on Friday, February 11th. We’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn in North Haven, CT, the host hotel for the event. For the next two days, we will spend most of our time at the “Wallingford Bowl” Alley in Wallingford, CT, where we will have to each bowl 3 games as an individual, 3 games as a doubles team and then 3 games as a 4 person team. Sunday evening there will be a banquet and award ceremony. Jeffrey and I will stay over Sunday night and return home Monday (St. Valentine’s Day.) Matt and Patrick need to be back Sunday night so won’t be staying through with us until Monday (bummer) but we are really glad they are going to join us for the weekend and our first bowling tournament adventure.

All because of some silly little app on iPhone. Go figure.

(And, speaking of silly things: I am going to my very first spin class tonight. EEEEK! Here’s hoping I survive the experience.)

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5 Responses to >Pride to "Spare"

  1. Ur-spo says:

    >the only app I can think better than this one is the one that warps time and space.

  2. anne marie says:

    >I love the illustration at the top!

  3. Alan says:

    >It's very exciting for you to have a trip to anticipate and plan for…it will make the winter pass by much quicker.

  4. >Wow, that's awesome!Excercise is about to listen to your body too. Don't try too hard if your body can't bear. AND have fun!

  5. raindog469 says:

    >I'll be 14 miles away from you that Saturday evening till Sunday morning. Maybe I'll stop by the bowling alley to cheer on the four of you before I get my leathers on… Or after, but I assume it's not that kind of bowling tourney.

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