>Fluff Stuff


A busy day at work and a birthday celebration with my friend, Dan (see the first pic), tonight left me no time to compose a proper post today, so I’ll just post some more pics of favorite moments and people from these past holidays.

Can’t wait to make more memories, take more pictures and meet more friends (and bloggers) in 2011!

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4 Responses to >Fluff Stuff

  1. Kyle says:

    >Seeing you with the guys was great, but seeing you with Buffy, that's priceless!

  2. Raybeard says:

    >Yes, Alan is right. Hope you are utilising that long oral protruberance in appropriate fashion. If you need anyone to practice on just let me know. Btw: you might also give us some tips in future about how to attract such handsome, cuddly bears as you seem to do.

  3. Ur-spo says:

    >who is the woman?

  4. Alan says:

    >Amazing tongue action in the second pic….shiver. ;>)

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