>My day thus far


  • Got up at 5:30 am
  • Showered and shaved my head
  • Got dressed
  • Went down stairs
  • Took my meds
  • Started my car so it could warm up
  • Checked my e-mail
  • Let Clyde out
  • Drove to work
  • Logged into my computer and all my programs at my desk
  • Made coffee
  • Chatted with co-workers
  • Sent e-mail requesting to leave early
  • Worked for 4 hours or so
  • Left early
  • Drove home
  • Stopped to pick up comics on the way home
  • Got the snail mail
  • Ate a PB&J sandwich
  • Crocheted
  • Chatted on line
  • Facebooked
  • Played Word With Friends
  • Took some aspirin
  • Turned on holiday lights and set the table for dinner tonight
  • Came upstairs
  • Wrote this blogpost
  • Published it
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7 Responses to >My day thus far

  1. >All good things come your way in new year. Happy New Year!

  2. Hanuman Das says:

    >My goodness, it looked like Clyde had to wait a bit before he could go out to tinkle! Were his little legs crossed? 😉

  3. AJohnP says:

    >I hope someone let Clyde in.PS – Like Jay, I'm pretty bad at WWF. If ever need to feel better about yourself, let me know. 🙂

  4. Ur-spo says:

    >That stuff is what I call Life; I am glad for you.

  5. Jay says:

    >I am really bad at WWF. If you want to feel better, play me.

  6. Cubby says:

    >Don't you know if you keep documenting every move you make, your other Stalker will get bored with you and move on. Where's the fun in that?I, of course, will never be bored with stalking you from afar.

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