>Naked Crochet


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15 Responses to >Naked Crochet

  1. Kyle says:

    >Obviously, I have a lot to learn! Teach!

  2. RG says:

    >Crochet me a cock-cozy! LOL

  3. Ur-spo says:

    >that was great!I enjoy hearing your voiceMay I request you do 'naked crochet" once a month or so, sort of a queer Fireside chat?

  4. anne marie says:

    >darling! yes, you will get faster as you practice your crochet. and THANK YOU for correcting klye gently; we knitters are often misunderstood.now I WOULD teach you to knit (and bring you over to the dark side), but you are way up there and I am way down here! perhaps we could think of a way…check out this website: http://www.ravelry.com; it's for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers. all kinds of ideas to capture your interest! I am out there as phillygirl9654.YAYZ FOR UNDIE MONDAY RETURNING! I have so missed my hawt boyz in their man panties!love you so much! smooches!

  5. Breenlantern says:

    >Kyle: Knitting is 2 needles; crocheting is 1. Nude crocheting is 1 needle and a lot of fun!

  6. Kyle says:

    >Awesome! Love the vid. And I always thought you crocheted with two needles. Leave it to you to use three.;)

  7. Breenlantern says:

    >Alan: Sorry…I was teasing you. You didn't offend me at all 🙂

  8. Alan says:

    >Oops!! Didn't mean to offend…you reminded me of her because I only have the warmest, fondest memories of my grandmother doing her needlework. Another attempt: I loved your position… the open-crotch shot. …very sexy. Also, clever positioning of your camera… revealing only your knees and a bit of thigh…you shameless tease! You vixen!!

  9. Breenlantern says:

    >Sorry about the inadvertant privatization of the video, Bo and RG!Alan: Wow! A naked video of me reminds you of your grandmother…not sure that wound will ever heal :-(Cubby:Just keeping adding fuel to the fire….Raybeard: I can't imagine being entertained by executions, although I suppose if they were hot naked men and I was there to fulfill their last requests, I might be able to make an exception 🙂

  10. Raybeard says:

    >Watching you there, engaged in your merry hobby, extemporising, I had the bizarre thought of you as tricoteuese sitting beside the guillotine, needles clicking and clacking away. Must say it would be some consolation to have that view of you as one's final image before the blade falls – SHOOOOOOOOP!

  11. Cubby says:

    >If you're looking for something to "put up", I have an idea…

  12. Alan says:

    >Loved it!!! You have a great voice…and are just so charming! Reminds me very much of my grandmother crocheting but, thank goodness, she didn't do it naked… She would have been sagging halfway to the floor, but yours are nice and perky.

  13. RG says:

    >Oh sure, make it a private video. Harrrrumph!

  14. Bo says:

    >I can't see it.

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