>Even scrooges have traditions


Lest you all think I am some kind of Grinch-beast, know that the emotions and feelings I express here on my blog about the holidays are not shared outside of this electronic “purge vault.” In the real world, I put on my pretend smile and offer holiday greetings, partake of the treats offered and dress in the appropriate colors. I’ve even hummed along to a carol or two and will walk through the paces of the holiday until it all comes to an end. I’m not one to be a phony, though, so the struggle is in pretending to enjoy a holiday I really don’t. Jeffrey, however, does; so, if for no other reason, I do it for him (or try to, anyway.)

See? I wore red and green today!

Yesterday I wrapped the few inexpensive items I picked up for Jeffrey, when I got home, to place under the tree tonight when we get home from the great annual holiday debacle. I do enjoy giving him things to open Christmas morning, so that made me feel good.

This morning, I partook of the only holiday tradition Jeffrey and I have: we went to breakfast on Christmas Eve morning before work, something we have done for most of the 13 years we’ve been together.

This year we went to Miss Albany Diner, for the first time in a long time, and enjoyed breakfast and conversation with our friend Mark, Albany’s Cutest Waiter. We have not seen Mark in some time, as we have stopped going to breakfast on Saturday mornings with the old gang, given last summer’s brouhaha. There’s no way for us to return without it becoming awkward for everyone, so we gracefully bowed out of our weekly MAD breakfast ritual, although we do miss going and seeing Mark very much.

It was good to see Mark and catch up and to keep our one and only tradition going. As part of the tradition, we always leave a very handsome tip for the waiter or waitress who waits on us Christmas Eve, and it was even more enjoyable to do so this year in that it was Mark who was getting it.

Mark surprised us with two of these little Christmas trees which he made from pieces of cork, nails and aluminum cut from beer cans. He’s an Artist and has surprised us with handmade cards in the past and this was a real treat to get some of his handiwork this morning.

Mark’s homemade tree

After breakfast, Jeffrey dropped me off at work and headed home. He will spend the day with a friend from work at the house, wrapping gifts and hanging out, and then retrieve me after work so we can start the evening “festivities.” I will focus past it all to the moment we can return home to our festively lit, beautiful home and unconditionally loving dog and snuggle together, tiredly and probably buzzed, on the sofa in front of the fire enjoying the peace and solitude before heading off to bed.

Hope you all find your moments of peace and happiness and calm this weekend.

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6 Responses to >Even scrooges have traditions

  1. Ur-spo says:

    >A very happy holiday to you both; I hope 2011 is smashing good for you both !

  2. anne marie says:

    >I love you! smooches and {{{{{hugs}}}}} and hope and peace for the new year to you and jeffrey!we are SO going to kick 2011's ass when we finally meet!

  3. >Happy Holidays to the Breens!

  4. Jay says:

    >Sounds like you have great holiday traditions. Hope you have a good Christmas and a bountiful new year!

  5. Jay says:

    >Great traditions you have. Hope you have a good holiday season and a bountiful new year!

  6. Cubby says:

    >Didn't I see a Christmas tree just like that in the last "Saw" movie?Merry Merry boyz!

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