>Uganda die, you homo!


A member of the parliament in Uganda , David Bahati, introduced a bill that would impose life imprisonment or the death penalty on gays. He then is quoted as saying

“There has been an impression that maybe Bahati is another Hitler, is another Saddam Hussein, is another Idi Amin of Uganda,” he said. “I’m not that. I love people. I love gays, but we disagree on how we should approach this issue.”

Ummm…. you DISAGREE with someone so you feel that justifies imprisoning them or putting them to death? This is different from Hitler exactly how? And you show your love for people by imprisoning them and murdering them? What kind of sick, twisted, self-delusional barbaric logic are you using, Bahati?

Oh, and thanks for adding to the atmosphere of fear and hate, American Evangelists. You fucking scumbags.

Across Africa, gay men and lesbians have been targeted for punishment or violent attacks in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Senegal and Cameroon. But Mugisha says, in Uganda, there’s an American connection.

“Homophobia has always existed in Uganda,” he says. “But I would say it’s greatly increased over the past two years, ever since American evangelicals came to Uganda.”

Specifically, he’s referring to a conference in March 2009, when three Americans spoke to hundreds of people in Kampala about homosexuality. One of them was Scott Lively, who told the group: “The gay movement is an evil institution. The goal of the gay movement is to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.”

Lively, who declined an interview, heads Abiding Truth Ministries, a conservative evangelical group in Massachusetts that claims people can be healed from homosexuality. On that same trip, Lively met with members of Uganda’s Parliament, and a few months later, Parliament member David Bahati introduced a bill that would impose the death penalty on gays.

I seriously think my brain is going to start bleeding. I don’t know how people (for lack of a better term) can claim to have a soul or any humanity whatsoever and spew such garbage. At least have the fucking balls to admit you’re a murdering, homophobic bigot and stop trying to wrap your attempts at genocide and mass manslaughter in the blanket of love and concern you friggin‘ hatemongers.

Just another example of how god and religion make the world a better place for us all.

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4 Responses to >Uganda die, you homo!

  1. >So many weak minded using religion to hide behind and as an excuse for their ignorance.

  2. Cubby says:

    >I'm convinced religion brings out the worst of humanity.

  3. RG says:

    >Don't you know – these folks worship the supply-side, gun-toting, war-mongering, hate-the-gays, rape-the-environment, screw-the-poor Jesus.I really hate these people. I really, really do.

  4. Ur-spo says:

    >alas, there are always nasties and crazies and hateful types.

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