>Return to the gym take 200


Despite my many attempts and failures at making it to the gym regularly lately, ( if I go 3-4 times a week I’m happy) I continue to struggle to get myself there as often as possible and have renewed hope that each time I go it will kick start me into better gym going habits as I try my best to self-motivate.

I returned this morning with new hope and optimism that this time, I’ll stick to it. I have to…the weights coming back and I grow woefully more out of shape with each day. I do feel better having gone this morning…it definitely is an esteem boost every time I make it through a work out.

Here I am between dumbell sets, doing my best impersonation of Blobby

Now to hit the grocery store and stock up on appropriate low call and healthy foods…I’ve been living off of holiday cookies, egg nog, cosmos and coffee. This, apparently, is not the way to keep the weight off.
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4 Responses to >Return to the gym take 200

  1. RG says:

    >I haaaaaaave a hooooooooome gym. I haaaaaaave a hoooooooome gym. Ha ha-ha ha-haaaaaa ha.

  2. anne marie says:

    >were you and blobby separated at birth?have a great weekend (she says as she sips her VERY spiked eggnog)!

  3. Cubby says:

    >As much as I'm tempted to pull a Madame Defarge and denounce you for your holiday cheating (off with your head!), I'm just as guilty as you. The holiday season will be over soon and we can all start anew (along with a zillion other folks who pack the gyms for the first two weeks of January).

  4. Sean says:

    >If I read your blog correctly, your will power (which I think is very strong) in not your problem it is your physical health which you have no control over. Whether it's a cold or one of your chronic conditions it is not your fault no matter how temped you are in blaming yourself. Go when you can and enjoy.

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