>The Sassy Adventures of the Spo Shirt


One of my favorite blogger buddies, Spo, of Spo-Reflections, began a project a few months ago that I agreed to take part in. Inspired by a suggestion from another blogger buddy, Cubby, of Patently Queer, Spo started the “Spo Shirt Charity Tour

In a nut shell, Spo chose one of his awesome shirts (that he sewed himself) made a list of people (mostly other bloggers, I believe) who read his blog, that were interested in participating, and then sent the shirt out to the first person on the list. The person receiving the shirt would take a picture of him/her self with the shirt , ideally wearing it, post the picture on his/her blog and then send it on to the next blogger.

A notebook, or journal if you will, accompanies the shirt, so people can make notes about their experience with the shirt. Also, each person that receives the shirt can select from one of four charities, (Test Positive Awareness, Doctors without Borders, The Humane Society, or Research for Prostate Cancer), to which Spo will make a donation for their participation.

These are the bloggers that spent time with the shirt before I did:

Stop 1: Cubby @ Patently QueerShirt Post
Stop 2: JohnBear
(See pics via Patently Queer here)
Stop 3: RavenWing (See pics via Patently Queer here)
Stop 4: Blobby @ Blobby’s BlogShirt Post
Stop 5: JohnP @ I Got Something to SayShirt Post
Stop 6: RG @ Dulce Y PeligrosoShirt Post

It finally arrived at my house just before Thanksgiving. I had big plans for a myriad of locations and shots, but I’m afraid a bad cold, the holidays and lots of plans not only prevented me from taking the variety of pics I hope it would, I also kept the shirt longer than anyone probably liked. I was able to do a little bit so here, for your viewing pleasure is the Spo Shirt Sassy Style:

I did not open the package upon arrival, due to a bad cold.
Instead, I waited a few days until it had seemed to pass.
On my initial opening, I took these shots wearing the Spo shirt :

The only real adventure the Spo shirt got out of the house was a night of bowling with the gang

Hubby got it a little backwards

Hubby and I (the Breenlanterns) posing with the Spo shirt

The final adventure was at home, as the Spo shirt helped me decorate for the holidays

Putting the ball on the Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Shaking gifts…they were all empty

Posing with Clyde…or trying to

Hiding out behind Audrey II

Getting the materials for my favorite drink from the bar

Posing in undies – had to do it!

Posing without undies – had to do it!

Finally, the Spo shirt and I shared a cosmo by the tree

And that, my friends, is the less than exhilarating adventures of Idle Eyes and the Spo shirt. I’m really happy I got to be part of this tour none the less.

The shirt should be arriving at it’s next stop today: Hanuman Das @ Ashram at Pooh Corner.

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13 Responses to >The Sassy Adventures of the Spo Shirt

  1. Jim says:

    >You look fabulous!

  2. Ur-spo says:

    >Oh was a delight for me to see you two having such fun. It was cruddy week for me; no time to go on line until now. Your entry made me glad, it gave me the most smile my whole week long !I hope you two had fun – it looks like you did. Which is the whole point. Thank you for playing along.When I finally get the shirt home, it will be thrilling to know how intimate it was with the two of you. I sit up at the thought.OOXX

  3. anne marie says:

    >ummmmmmm, handsome!can't wait til it's my turn. but you won't be seeing any nipple shots, cause I just KNOW you guys ain't interested in that! (wink wink nudge nudge) bwhahahahaha!

  4. Hanuman Das says:

    >It actually arrived yesterday!I don't know if I can compare with your latest escapades, but, I will do my best!P.S. Maybe I can get a photo of it with TIAMAT!!!!!

  5. AJohnP says:

    >Hooray for the Spo Shirt adventure!!! Long may it wave! (or something like that)

  6. Raybeard says:

    >Great 'fun-pics'! I especially like the (second) one with Clyde in your lap; but the whole series here has given me a warm, happy glow – much like your own Cosmo, I reckon.

  7. Cubby says:

    >Oh Sean, I cannot tell you how happy you made me this morning!! I was really getting worried for a moment there.The shirt looks so good on you. It looks like it was made for you (although it's clear Spo made it with me in mind). My favorite pic is the nipple shot. Twice now I've just about put my hand through my screen trying to give it a pinch.Don't forget to mention who you sent the Spo-shirt to. Readers want to follow its journey.And thanks for the shout out!

  8. wcs says:

    >I love the Spo-Shirt adventure! I also love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! I wish I had thought of that. I will have to do one of those. Maybe this year?

  9. Breenlantern says:

    >Alan: You're such a liar but I'll take even an insincere compliment :-)Thanks.I've had many a late night photo sessions on that rug, in front of that fire, more akin to the Burt photo (aka sans shirt or any other clothing.) It's time I do another.Wanna be my photographer?

  10. Alan says:

    >Your two bearskin rug pics remind me of the classic 1972 Cosmo pinup (http://www.adrants.com/images/burt_reynolds_directv.jpg)….. except that you are way more adorable.

  11. RG says:

    >Yea! The Spo Shirt adventure continues!

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