>Pre-Party Post


Tonight’s our big gay holiday party at Chez Breen, so no time to sit and compose a post. Wish you could all be here to celebrate with us.

Here’s a little holiday spirit ala Glee. It’s moments like that this that make watching Glee worth it for me, because where else would we get to see something like this on TV?

Have a great Saturday, all!
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5 Responses to >Pre-Party Post

  1. Alan says:

    >Wish I could be there! Maybe one day… Hope you're having a fantastic time!!

  2. RG says:

    >I'm kind of tipsy, from the bottle of wine my landlord and I shared on the back porch while we smoked way too many cigarettes discussing the way too hot Moldovan and Honduran tenants in the house.I'm envious – I wish I could be at your party! Happy Holiday Party! There had better be video bee-otche!

  3. wcs says:

    >Love that video (saw it earlier today). Your party may still be going on… it's 2 am your time as I type this. I'm up sipping coffee waiting to go out and walk the dog.Hope it was fun!

  4. Breenlantern says:

    >AM: That's funny. Sometimes when I have a cosmo, I think of me and Kelly too *snicker*

  5. anne marie says:

    >I LOVE IT!hoist a cosmo or 2 tonight for me…wish I could be there!(confidentially, I had a cosmo at lunch today and thought of you and kelly!)

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