>Bastard Boasting IV



For those that Blog, you know that we’re all part of this crazy little self-evolved (or is that intelligently designed) microcosm we call the blogoverse and, for me, one of the greatest highs being involved with it is to get (positively) mentioned or acknowledged by another blogger for almost any reason. It always makes me giddy to see my name or blog mentioned on another blog, but few things excite me as much as winning one of CBs caption contests. I believe this is number four for me and I hold each win up like a trophy or gold medal.

I was looking for a pick-me-up and this really hit the spot. Thanks for the smile, CB! I really needed one.

(And a congratulatory nod to Anne Marie for taking home her Bastard Comix win this week, as well.)

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5 Responses to >Bastard Boasting IV

  1. cb says:

    >Well, it really was the best offering. Funny, pop-culturally related, brief enough, and subversively sexual. 🙂

  2. RG says:

    >See! A little shot of internet self-esteem is just what you needed. I toast a cocktail to you sir!

  3. anne marie says:

    >well done, little buddy!now to go investigate my contribution…

  4. Mark in DE says:

    >Congrats – well done!

  5. AJohnP says:

    >Well, you clearly have a second career option if you ever need it. I'll mention you in my blog someday. I'll just have to find the PERFECT occasion….

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