Jeffrey and I don’t have die hard traditions for the holidays. We make it up as we go along. Truth be told, we’d love to go away from November to January and avoid the whole mess, but since we haven’t the resources to do that, we’re stuck here and navigate the best we can.

Thanksgiving has been completely inconsistent for us over our almost 13 years together. We have gone to my Mother’s house many times, having dinner with different combinations of my family. We’ve gone t to my brother’s one year. We’ve joined friends at their family’s home for dinner. We’ve completely skipped it and stayed home with pizza and movies. One year when I was sick Jeffrey picked up a complete dinner from one of our local grocery stores and we ate at home alone together. We’ve hosted dinner for different groups of friends over the years and last year we hosted my family. I don’t have my heart set on celebrating it at all, let alone in any particular way, but since we do have the day off, if the mood hits and/or friends are interested in doing dinner, we are happy to do the Turkey thing. If I am going to dinner, I do prefer to have it at home and have what we like to call an “Orphan Thanksgiving.” We invite any of our friends who do not otherwise have partners or family to spend the day with, either by choice or circumstance.

This year we will be hosting four of our friends for Thanksgiving. We are making it pseudo-pot luck: we are providing the bulk of the meal; they are providing a few sides and desserts. The meal will not be over the top but, despite trying to keep it modest and simple, I’m sure we will still have more food than the six of us could possibly eat. Still, it will be fun to cook, eat, sip cocktails, watch movies, play games, laugh and shoot the shit with the guys.

I won’t and don’t make a point of saying how thankful I am for everything on this particular day, because I try to express that as often as possible throughout the year. I’ve never been a fan of restricting such thoughts to designated days or times. I think appreciating what you have, giving gifts, spending time with family and friends and spreading cheer should be something you do as time and opportunity allows and the mood strikes, not just when you’re “supposed” to do it. But I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to gather and enjoy my abundance with my husband and our friends not only on Thanksgiving, but year round. (ASIDE TO NIK: please note yesterday’s post was an acknowledgment of my grumpiness and my inability to see good in anything at the moment as it was clouded by moodiness and negativity. It was not a recanting of my gratefulness or of my belief that I have all I need. I was just grumpy. It happens.)

Since this is the first time in 11 years at this job that I’ve taken the Friday after Thanksgiving off, I have a four day weekend to look forward to and have no real plans, other than to avoid Black Friday and decorate for next weekend’s holiday party at Chez Breen. Anybody know where I can find some men willing to dance around for free in G-strings on my coffee tables for several hours Saturday night? My guests will get drunk and do it themselves, eventually, but I like to instigate….

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3 Responses to >Gobbledygook

  1. RG says:

    >If you don't mind a slightly out-of-shape, 49 y/o man dancing around on your coffee tables I'm willing to embarrass myself. Just keep a drink in my hand and we're good! LOL

  2. anne marie says:

    >"Anybody know where I can find some men willing to dance around for free in G-strings on my coffee tables for several hours Saturday night?"damn (whistles softly) – now THAT I would love to see…I would even bring a stash of dollar bills to stuff in the G-strings…perhaps even cop a feel (tee hee)!have a nice day tomorrow, dear sean! smooches! :-)PS – LERVE the rainbow turkey; where oh where does one find a bird like that?

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