>Lip Service


We were at our polling place at 5:55am this morning to cast our votes as soon as the polls opened. I had to be to work by 7:00am and I wanted to make sure I voted first thing before anything in the day could get in my way. My hubby dragged himself along at that insane hour, despite having the day off and having the option to go later, because I asked him to go and vote with me. We got a little attitude from one of the old codgers there for being early.

Him in a snarly voice: “Your 5 minutes early. The polls don’t open until 6:00”

Me in a pleasant yet defiant tone: “I’m well aware of the time sir. I’m happy to wait.”

We were the first two to vote in our district. Yay!

I spent the day posting the following “virtual kiss” on the walls of any of my FB friends that posted they voted today:

Despite only being Tuesday, the week has felt extra long so far and I’m so grateful it’s a short week for me. In fact, I don’t work a full week for the whole month of November. I have two 4-day weeks and two 3-day weeks. However will I occupy myself during all that time off?

*Evil Grin*

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2 Responses to >Lip Service

  1. BosGuy says:

    >Happy to share that my home state, MA, rejected Tea Party Fever which seemed to infect most of the US on Tuesday.In every state wide election, the progressive candidate beat their more conservative counterpart. Send your virtual kisses our way.

  2. Kyle says:

    >Glad you were first to be there Sean, sorry you had to deal with a codger at that hour. Leave it to you to hand out free kisses.I'm sure you can think of perfectly delightful things to do with that much time off. 😉

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