>Showing off my ball play in public once again


Well, I have great news. Here’s a hint:

Here’s another hint:

One more hint:

So, I’m hoping you’ve all figure it out by now. I am officially returning to the world of gay bowling with a brand new team: The Blowouts. Blowout is a bowling term for when you down almost all the pins but one is left standing. The double entendre of a gay male bowling team using this name is not lost on us, obviously.

Jeffrey and I will be bowling with two new friends whom you may recognize from my recent Halloween Party post:

Ron The Barbarian

Louie the Lesbian

And both come with husbands as handsome as they are. How could I BE any luckier?

We are really looking forward to it. To prepare for our impending return to ball jokes and lane-side slutty shenanigans masquerading as bowling, we dusted off the ol’ balls and took them for a spin last night with some friends at a local bowling alley at which my good friend Matt works(Olympic Lanes in Latham, NY.)

I did horrible overall: 98, 131, 114 (I think my average on the books is 127 or some such) but I had a great time and had forgotten just how much fun I have bowling with my gay buds. I am really excited to be bowling again and can hardly wait.

FYI: I LOVE that if you do a Google search for “Gay Bowling” then switch to images, these two pics are in the first batch of images that come up – pictures from our last night of gay bowling last season! (First pic is me, housemate Josh and friend Tony. Second pic is me and the two Tonys)

WOOF! Anyhoo, that’s my great news for the day. Today is my first day under the direction and supervision of my new boss so here’s hoping nothing happens to dampen my good spirits.

And finally (and completely off topic), this quote filtered into my Google Reader this morning from “Quotes of the Day” and it seemed oh so apropos to share considering one of the things I said in my blog post yesterday:
“Events in the past may be roughly divided into those which probably never happened and those which do not matter.” – William Ralph Inge

Funny that! Here’s to the future with good friends, gay bowling and happy holidays.

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3 Responses to >Showing off my ball play in public once again

  1. wcs says:

    >Yay! Glad you're getting back to it. Sounds like much fun.

  2. Ur-spo says:

    >some day I need to try bowling; you make it sound so much fun, and so social.Have you ever read "Bowling Alone?" The author would be proud of you!

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