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  • I was not impressed with the Rocky Horror Picture Show themed Glee episode last night. The lyric changes were off-putting and I disliked a lot of the plot. The only thing I loved was seeing Will Schuester (Matt Morrison) shirtless with a tie during the “Toucha Toucha Toucha Me” number. Yeah, I’d hit that. Over and over again.
  • Looks like we are re-joining the ranks of gay bowling in January when the next session starts. We have a confirmed third member for a new team and some potential candidates for a fourth member. Yay! I’ve missed it and will be glad to be back.
  • My current boss’s last day is today. A new boss is taking over for our office and as my supervisor. New boss takes the reins tomorrow. It remains to be seen how, if at all, I will be affected. I’m not nervous, just curious. New boss and I have worked together in the past and, so far as I know, he likes and respects me and I him. We shall see.
  • Out of the blue today, I realized that I have finally emotionally and intellectually moved past the loss of a few friends in my life from the last year. People that once evoked a sense of joy then sadness, anger or disappointment no longer elicit any emotional response in me at all. Kind of like a switch was turned from “matters” to “doesn’t matter.” It is always interesting when this happens. Someone who once mattered to you so much suddenly becomes completely insignificant to you and you wonder why they ever mattered at all or what had you so upset. In fact, it all seems so silly. Time is funny like that.
  • I was doing awesome with my calorie counting and weight loss. The key word being was. (Sigh!) I tire of the struggle some days.
  • We have no plans for Halloween and I’m totally OK with that. We will be having friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. We have not yet decided if we will have a Holiday Party at Chez Breen again this year.
  • Our gas fireplace is not working and our landlord is dragging his feet about getting it repaired. It is one of the few things I look forward to in the winter and it upsets me that it is not working yet. I love nothing more than being bundled in blankets or bare in front of the roaring fire. Grrrr!
  • The seasonal weather and sunlight change is bumming me out hard. Perhaps I have finally developed SAD. I sensed I was experiencing it for the first time last year. It seems as though I’m experiencing it this year as well. Not having the fireplace is contributing to that I think. Also, there are no more sexy, scantily clad men hanging out in back yard by the pool.
  • I have been feeling even more grateful lately for my relationship with Jeffrey than I usually do and, believe me, I feel immensely grateful every day that I have him in my life. I see things other couples deal with that we don’t and I wonder how we got it right and found each other and are so freakin’ compatible. The one thing I know I’ve done right in this life, without a doubt, is marry this man and built a life with him and I’m happy we don’t have the trials and tribulations other couples seem to. We’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other.
  • I still wish every day that we’d win the lottery.
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  1. Cubby says:

    >I'm very glad you made a post today. I thought about you when I took my shower today. You had gone quiet and I worry when that happens. No, I won't tell you which body part I was scrubbing when you popped into my mind :-)It funny how when something changes in your life you start to wonder if hadn't always been that way. That happens to me when I strain my back. When I'm pain-free, I start to doubt whether I was ever in any pain at all. Maybe I just imagined it all. Then next time I stress my back and feel the pain and remember prior injuries, all doubt is removed. Be careful Sean not to let that switch flip back into the other position. Put a good lock on it and throw away the key.

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