>Rocky Horror Hooplah


Our friend, Tom, organized a group outing last night to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at one of our local performance halls, the Palace Theater. 14 of us attended and took our spot in the theater amid a crowd of boisterous and enthusiastic fans.

Our RHPS gang:

L-R Back: Matt, Bill, Jeffrey, Rob, Ulysses, James, Peter
L-R Front: Kenzie, Raffi, Me, Tony, Mike, Caleb
(Our host, Tom, took the picture.)

The show was hosted by the Whip-It-Outskirts, a traveling RHPS performance troupe, which performed some pre-show skits and songs and also sold prop bags for those unfortunate enough to show up without their newspaper, toilet paper and toast. Fortunately, Tom was the ultimate event host and pre-packed prop bags for all of us, so our group was fully prepared for picture show participation.

The crowd was awesome and we had a fantastic time. I have been to many RHPS events but this was by far the best one yet, probably because we were there with such a great group of friends.

Perhaps the most debaucherous moment of the night came when we transgressed against our dietary vows and headed out after the show, in the driving rain, to a local diner, Alexi’s, for inappropriate noshing and unbecoming behavior and conversation with several of the guys.

A great night for sure. As a post-script, we look forward to tonight’s RHPS themed Glee episode.

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2 Responses to >Rocky Horror Hooplah

  1. RG says:

    >Ooooh – can you give Tony my email address? Besides you, I must say….YUUUUUUUUUM! LOL

  2. Raybeard says:

    >Must have been GREAT fun – and what a bonus to be in a gang of so many beautiful bear-type people. Would have loved to have seen the lot of you camping up the 'Time Warp' (as if it wasn't camp enough already). Btw I wonder if in the States they have similar screenings of 'Grease' and, more recently here, 'The Sound of Music' has been gathering fans in the guise of nuns (Do the wonderful 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence' still exist in the U.S.A.?), 'children' in floral-patterned short pants and skirts, not forgetting, of course, the obligatory Nazi officers to hiss. Personally, I think a flowery frock would become you 😉

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