>No more idle Atheism


This is a terrific explanation of Atheism and I agree with everything that is said in this video.

I continue to struggle to come out as an Atheist and find my way in a theist-laden world. My life has always been informed by an atheistic world view, even before I knew what that was. I have no desire to convince others to abandon their personal beliefs or to debate the existence of gods or higher powers, but I do take a very strong, unwavering stance that no one else’s religion should be the basis for influencing or determining my behavior, beliefs, civil liberties, lifestyle or freedoms and I have no interest in being convinced, converted or proselytized to. I’ve had 39 years of that. I believe our country (and world) should be governed by justice, fairness and rational thought and that personal religious or spiritual beliefs have no place in running or determining the laws and rules of our nation or world for everyone or anyone. I also hold people accountable for their words and actions, whether they do it in the name of a god or not.

I’m just saying.

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7 Responses to >No more idle Atheism

  1. RG says:

    >But…but…but the Bible says…

  2. Raybeard says:

    >I would add to Sean's response to BQ above, that that was also the way I used to think, namely that it somehow NEEDED some belief in a 'superior' being or force (however erroneous) in order to make and keep us 'moral'. The alternative is quite simple. You just ask yourself "How would I feel to be in the other person's shoes? If I wouldn't like it, then I won't do it!" I don't think it needs the belief in divinely-executed justice and the dire threat of eternal punishment to act that way. (Anyway, as you know, 'Lord of the Flies' was a fiction about pre-adolescent boys living in a self-constructed society without a life-experienced role model. Not that it means the scenario depicted would necessarily be false.) No, I think it's one of the things that both God and Jesus (same person?) got absolutely right in "Love thy neighbour as thyself.", though for me it doesn't go far enough. From birth I seem to have been hard-wired to think about how both people AND animals would feel if I treated them in a certain way. No religion was needed to instruct me in that, though it's doubtlessly something that the Catholic fathers who taught me would like to claim.

  3. Ur-spo says:

    >alas, we'll be burned at the stake when Palin/O'Connell are at the helm……

  4. Greg Ohio says:

    >I am a 'radical atheist' and believe that it is way to passive in this over the top world to not want and encourage atheism. We must discourage the delusioned from embracing those that really do not believe but use human psychology to capture the power and money in this world. We must be in their face especially when the god believers of any ilk put it in your face! Fight back even when it potentially puts you at risk.

  5. Breenlantern says:

    >More war, pain, suffering, discrimination and hatred has been caused/done in the name of gods and religion than has ever been caused in the name of humanism or atheism.

  6. BentonQuest says:

    >The problem that I have with Humanism is, why hasn't it worked? We usually revert to our baser selves when unchecked (a la Lord of the Flies.)But I have also found Athiests to be better company than a lot of Christians I know!

  7. Raybeard says:

    >Yes, well explained. I'm aware of exasperation that the very word 'atheist' is limiting because it assumes the denial of a god or gods which haven't yet been defined, and as this video says, there can be a potentially infinite number of imaginable gods. In other words it is unfair to expect anyone to deny the existence of a god before a definition of that being has been offered.What I would say is that if this 'god' is the same thing as what has been traditionally regarded as a 'supreme being' by Christianity over millenia, then that god, even if he s/he exists, is NOT a just god in my view and therefore does not deserve my own or anyone's respect. I'd even declare that the morality of lots of other people, (and yes, including myself), is superior to the morality of this 'god' whom we are all supposed to worship, love and respect. Well, s/he won't get any of that from me!

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