>Post Purple Day Post


Yesterday’s “Day of Purple” was a success in my office. Two co-workers I had spoken to about it prior to yesterday (“K” and “C”) both chose to wear purple to support the cause (our third co-worker, “N” was supposed to be here and wearing purple as well but had to stay home due to some construction going on at her house.) Three other co-workers knew about it, on their own, and wore purple. There were many other people in my office and building wearing purple as well, but I do not know how many were coincidence, how many were wearing purple for National Domestic Violence Awareness Day, and how many (if any) others were wearing it in support of stopping bullying of our LGBTQ youth, BUT I was happy to see the sea of purple, whatever the reason.

“K”, (My cubby neighbor) wore a beautiful faux pashmina-like shawl yesterday and offered to let me wear it when I complimented her on it. I couldn’t resist, so this is how I looked for part of the day in my cubicle yesterday.

“K”,”C” and I (“The Sunshine Band” *snicker*) had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, El Mariachi’s, which is walking distance from our work. We had a great time, although I might have made better beverage choices. By the time I got home, I was so tired (what was in that purple water with all the fruit, anyway?) I couldn’t drag myself back out to attend the Candle Light Vigil being held at a local park for Purple Day and, instead, ate a light dinner and crashed for the rest of the night. (And, yes, I feel bad about that.)

This morning, we came into discover some treats left for us by “C” (who will not be in today):

A cake, decorated in purple in honor of yesterday and 3 bottles of homemade “Pomegranate Juice.”

(my co-workers’ names have been smudged to respect their privacy.)

The homemade “Pomegranate Juice”

(Apparently, we were supposed to receive these yesterday but “N” wasn’t in so “C” wanted to wait until we were all here.) There is a running joke about “C” bringing us cake, so this was actually a hoot and a half.

Unfortunately, “N” brought brownies and donuts in as well because she felt bad about being out yesterday, so now there are donuts, brownies and a cake just sitting here, feet from me, calling my name. I started counting calories again 2 weeks ago and have dropped 5 pounds and I really don’t want to mess up my weight loss trajectory (especially after already making an exception once this week with the…ahem…“purple water” from lunch yesterday) so I am really struggling here not to indulge.

Tomorrow is my pass day and I am really looking forward to it. I feel like I haven’t had a pass day in months because the last several pass days I had we went away for long weekend trips so it felt like I didn’t get them. Tomorrow I get to get up and enjoy a day at home alone indulging in whatever hobbies, pleasures and pleasantries I so desire.

My homebody streak has continued throughout this week and I have rather enjoyed just spending evenings at home with the hubby and puppy, which has been great fro sticking to our dietary plan, but I am missing seeing my friends. Hopefully we’ll make it to a Halloween Party Saturday night that we’ve been invited to so we can see everyone. If I can just come up with a costume in the next 48 hours….
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2 Responses to >Post Purple Day Post

  1. anne marie says:

    >"purple water" – sounds like some sort of sangria!you look absolutely FETCHING in the pashmina!

  2. Cubby says:

    >Saw lots of older women wearing purple yesterday and was impressed that gay teen suicide prevention had such an effect on 50-year-old women. I had no idea about the National Domestic Violence Awareness Day connection. Now it makes more sense.

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