>Working through a writing block.


It’s a chilled autumn Tuesday morning and I haven’t a thing to post about.
Whatever will I do?

Hey, I know! I’ll show you the exciting work world I have the pleasure of patronizing
day in and day out!

I am basically the pseudo-equivalent of a paralegal,
screening and triaging cases and assisting attorneys and the staff office wide.
This is the view as I enter my cubicle farm.

This is my cubicle. (Those 10 boxes are one paper file I am working with.)

Entering my cubicle, I am welcomed by my plethora of posters, magnets and toys.

This is the corner of my cubicle I am glued to for most of the day.

My current wallpaper (it changes almost daily.)

The 6 programs/databases I use every day. (Yes, G-Mail is one of them!)

The all-important calendar where I mark all my meetings,
doctors appointments and lunch dates.
(And paydays, holidays, vacations and pass days,)

Once I’m logged on and all essential programs are running,
I make coffee in my co-workers cubicle.
I usually have 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning.

This is the mini fridge under the co-worker’s desk
where all the dietary essentials are kept.

After coffee is on, I grab my two water bottles and fill them up.
I try to drink 6 bottles of water a day.

This is where the filling takes place: at the water fountain
down the hall from my cubicle, right next to…

…you guessed it, the men’s room, a place I also visit 2-3 times a day
if I’m drinking all my water like a good boy.

Once I’m back at my desk, I fix my coffee in my WW mug (sugar-free french vanilla creamer and 2 Splendas) and place my mug on my extremely dirty Captain America shield mouse pad.
(Anyone know how to clean one of these?)
Little Mermaid is there every day, reminding me how slowly time passes at work.

These are the reference materials I use in my job:
3 procedure manuals, 2 law books and a dictionary.
FYI: The 7th book is the Fall 2009 Limited Hardcover Edition (Volume XIV) of
Cabela’s Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Gear. Do not ask me why I have that.

It is a long story and I may be desperate for another post again.

These are my perfectly organized and alphabetized files I maintain so that all my documents are properly labeled, sorted and easily located. If I died tomorrow, everyone in my office would know exactly what is going on with every file I am working on and what needs to be done.
Yeah, I’m hella good like that.

These are my “old school” office devices most of the rest of my office no longer use.
Since I am the only one that works on the type of cases I do (which happen to be the sole remaining non-scanned paper files since we went electronic in 2000)
I still need these: hole puncher, date stamper, stapler and tape.

And this is the other office device I use that SHOULD have become obsolete when we went “paperless” but is still used every day: our printer.

And, finally, the single most important device I use every day
to help me through my work day and work week: my iPhone!
OK, I couldn’t actually get a picture of my i
Phone since it can’t take a picture of itself,
so I had to settle for a screen print.
Can anyone spot the “conspicuously hidden” word I formed
by placing my app icons in a certain order?

There you have it, folks! A visual tour of where and how your favorite, sexiest,
hardest working blogger spends his week days!

(HEY! Stop all that snickering.)

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7 Responses to >Working through a writing block.

  1. Greg Ohio says:

    >I see the word! 🙂

  2. wcs says:

    >I saw FAG, but that's all. Mouse pad cleaning: if it's not a hard plastic pad, but rather a soft fabric w/rubber backing one, I clean mine with hot water, OxyClean, and an old toothbrush. Just sprinkle some oxyclean on the pad and brush with the toothbrush dipped in hot water. Rinse and dry. Works great.

  3. Ur-spo says:

    >It was marvelous! you are a brave man by the way, I don't know if I could work in a cubicle.

  4. Jim says:

    >Thanks for sharing! I like to have a peek into a person's life.

  5. anne marie says:

    >hey, I still use scotch tape, a stapler, a 3-hole punch, and a TYPEWRITER in my office.the typewriter is used once a week, but all my office work is on the computer. nothing in my office is paperless; it's the nature of our beast.we have a full kitchen and a bottleless filtered water cooler/heater.but I got to know – WHY the cabella's…you and I would probably be the LAST 2 people on earth to go in that store!

  6. Nik_TheGreek says:

    >nice…Your cubicle is quite tidy… well done

  7. >I LOVE all your superhero things! I need to decorate better.

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