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Yesterday (Saturday) was supposed to be the end of my temporary quiet home life spurt and my return to the social locomotion that is my usual life, but my body had other plans. Instead of attending a rally to support marriage equality in the morning, a benefit performance by an LGBT chorus in the afternoon and a dinner and haunted hay ride with a group of friends at night, I spent the day at home in a Dramamine haze fighting off the onset of a bout of Labrynthitis. I won’t lie and say I didn’t throw myself a little internal pity party, but I’m so used to these stupid spontaneous ailments that I can’t work up the usual level of anger and martyrdom I used to. It is what it is and I just have to accept it. So, I sucked it up, accepted I was missing out on a lot of stuff I really wanted to be part of, and spent the day on the sofa, staying as still as possible (to avoid vertigo,) watching the first season of “30 Rock.”

On the plus side, we started counting calories again and I’ve taken off 5 pounds since last Monday. Woohoo. It has been extremely difficult this weekend to stay within my calorie count, as I turn to snacking for comfort when I’m down and when I’m sitting idle. As I have spent the weekend being mostly immobile and missing out on things I wanted to do, my urge to eat pastry and pizza and a plethora of pleasure foods increased exponentially but, through sheer force of will, I managed to avoid doing any damage and adhered to healthier, lower calorie foods and avoid non-stop eating and snacking.

But, MAN, would I kill for a box of cookies and some cake right now.

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