>Post Ptown

>We had a lovely long weekend in Provincetown. Despite this trip being “just us” (it’s been several years since Jeffrey and I visited and stayed in Ptown without a group of people) it was a weekend full of moments with old and new friends and I was reminded of all the things I like about being there and fell in love with the town all over again

Our host, Dan, really went above and beyond, cleaning and reorganizing and even redecorating for our stay.

Jeffrey, our host, Dan, and me

The framed Superman prints above our bed

Spider-Man bobblehead in the bathroom

The rest of the bobblehead clan above the mirror

An encouraging promise

The sign on our bedroom door

He has a fantastic 2 bedroom apartment on the corner of Center and Bradford Street; a great location for popping out onto Commercial Street and back with ease. He was right around the corner from the new library and insisted we see it. I’m glad we did. It is a beautiful building and space.

The library cupola

Playing with puppets in the library puppet theater

Jeffrey helps me with the big words. Behind us, you see the giant ship model which sits in the middle of the library and towers through all 3 floors and up into the cupola.

Finally, a book I can read all by myself

We also got to spend some time with 3 other Ptown residents we’ve become friends with. The first two residents were Stan and Lenny, owners and operators of Romeo’s Holiday, a bed & breakfast we stayed in for Bear Week a few years back.

Me and Stan at Romeo’s

Jeffrey and Stan at Romeo’s

Stan and Lenny were very generous with their time, entertaining us with conversation and drinks and baked goods while we swapped stories and got caught up, despite having a full house of guests to attend to.

The third resident was Jim, owner and curator of the Lyman-Eyer Gallery, the place where we’ve bought all 3 of our Steve Walker prints (and hope to buy more some day.) Jim was also generous with his time, showing us several pieces, answering our questions and just chatting and joking with us.

Me and Jim in front of some Steve Walkers at his gallery

Besides these visits with Ptown friends, we ran into several friends from our home town. The Capital Pride Singers, Albany’s LGBT chorus, were performing a benefit concert that weekend. I was one of the original members of this chorus many years back and it’s first President, a position I held for 3 years. I also met my husband, Jeffrey while we were both members of CPS and we performed with them at their first concert in Provincetown 11 year ago years ago. As we are still friends with several of the members, we decided to see the concert to show our support and were very impressed with their sound and performance. I am even considering rejoining.

As luck would have it, two of our other friends from home, Tony & Tim (the guys we bowled with on our Cosmo Nuts Team), were in town for Tony’s Sister’s wedding. We got to see them on the last night there
and have a few drinks and laughs.

I also made a new friend, Mike, owner and operator of the Bowersock Gallery in Ptown (with his partner, Steve.) I have to admit, I was originally drawn to his gallery when I spotted him working in the front window. He was a very handsome bear and I felt compelled to stop in and say “hi” and get a closer look BUT, he turned out to be as charming and friendly as he was attractive and he tolerated my doting and attention as I stopped in several times throughout the weekend to chat him up and learn about his Gallery and life in Provincetown. He really was a sweetheart. (As was my hubby for putting up with m
y little weekend crush on Mike.)

The front of the Gallery. This is the window I saw Mike in when he first caught my eye.

The inside of the Gallery…a very intimate space.

Handsome gallery co-owner, Mike


Unfortunately, our dining experiences were mostly less than stellar, including a couple overpriced poor tasting meals and an incident in which we were denied preparation and service of the food we ordered because we were sitting in the “wrong location.” We were trying a new place that offered a variety of bar and grill foods as well as a limited Sushi selection on their outdoor deck. When the host discovered I was there for the Sushi, he brought us into the back (indoor) restaurant to show us their menu but, when we discovered they only served sushi and seafood back there (Jeffrey eats neither) we returned to the front deck, where we placed our orders (including sushi for me) and sipped cocktails and people watched while we waited for our meals. About 30 minutes after we ordered, the waitress came to us to inform us that the sushi chef was “in a snit”, refused to prepare my sushi or serve it to me while I sat out on the deck and indicated, if I wanted it, I would have to come sit in his part of the restaurant (about 20 feet away.) We informed the waitress we had no desire to reward such poor and inexcusable service with our business and requested to pay for our drinks so we could leave and find another place to dinner. She was extremely apologetic and comped us our drinks. Eh, at least I got 2 free cosmos out of it. We left and had a wonderful meal at our favorite restaurant, Nappi’s.

Despite the food debacle, we had a great time. It was definitely a different experience staying with a “townie”, seeing a few spots we’d never seen and meeting people we would not have otherwise met. As our interest in possibly living in Ptown some day was renewed during this visit, I was a lot braver than I usually am, talking up strangers both in the galleries and on the streets throughout the weekend to learn all I could about the ins and outs of being a year round resident. It definitely made for a very an exciting experience and I have revived hope that, one day, we may actually be townies ourselves. Jeffrey and I also chatted about our future plans and goals and got to spend some time just being a couple in Ptown, holding hands, strolling, exploring shops and galleries, having dinner just the two of us and enjoying quiet times about town and back at the apartment together, things we rarely do enough of while home. It is good to be home and to have a wonderful weekend to look back on with joy. A sign Jeffrey spotted in one of the shops and fell in love with encapsulates the experience perfectly:

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”. – Dr. Seuss

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  1. Cubby says:

    >OMG Woofy Mike needs to marry me right away!I'm so happy you had such a good time there. I think you and I are very fortunate to have such wonderful husbands.

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