>Happy National Coming Out Day!


Today is National Coming Out Day!

I am a very militant activist when it comes to visibility. I believe the single most powerful, personal, political thing you can do is come out and live your life openly and honestly. The recent rash of publicized (although by no means isolated incidents, unfortunately) of gay youth taking their own lives only serves to reinforce and underscore the need for us all to live our lives openly with pride. Not just for our own health, empowerment and well being but for those who still do not know that living our lives as happy, successful gay people is possible. We need to show our enemies, our friends, our family, our politicians, our communities and our youth our faces so they know who they are fighting for or against and so they see that we are in every corner of society, in every walk of life, contributing to our economy, our neighborhoods and our worlds.

I know it is not always safe to be out where we live and work, but we can look for new communities, jobs and homes where it will be safe, because we all deserve to live openly and freely and safely. I believe remaining invisible and dishonest about who we are is no way to live and chips away at our physical and mental health until we are just empty shells of who we might have been. It also sends a message, the wrong message, to the detractors, homophobes, the religious right and, worst of all, to our youth struggling with their sexuality that there is something to be ashamed of or that there is something wrong with being gay.

Living in shame or secrecy is no way to live. You deserve better. We deserve better. They deserve better. So kick open that closet door and come out. You could help change hearts and minds and even save lives.

Including your own.

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