>The story of us


Jeffrey and I were approached recently by a friend of a friend and asked to participate in a “support for same sex marriage equality and call to action” service being held by and at a local Universalist Unitarian Association. Due to my increased discomfort level with organized worship or churches of any kind over the years, I did not feel I wanted to or could participate although I appreciated the intention and the offer. Plus, it was on our Anniversary weekend and we had plans, so we declined to take part.

However, she (the friend) wouldn’t completely take no for an answer and asked if she could present our story on our behalf. I didn’t see any harm in it, so we sat with her over coffee and fleshed out the details of our life and multiple marriages and gave her some pictures of us. She used these images and this information to make a presentation during the service, at which the local Gay Men’s Chorus performed, a few members of which we are friends with. One of the chorus members posted on Facebook that day:

AGMC sang at the morning service of the First Unitarian Society of Schenectady. [Their friend] told “A Story for Our Times” — The Most Married Couple in America: The Story of Sean and Jeffrey.

It mad me smile and I’m glad it went off well. Yesterday, the friend who presented our story sent us an e-mail:

Hi Sean and Jeffrey,

The service on Sunday went really well and I received many compliments about my comments and your story! Thank you again for taking the time to share more specific details and your feelings with me; it definitely made the presentation better in every way.

I got a few laughs, which was great, and I got just a little emotional as I talked about your courage and devotion to each other at the end! I put your photos up on the chancel, so you were quite gorgeous under the giant rainbow flag and next to the flaming chalice.

I saw your great video on YouTube – very moving and a perfect anniversary gesture. I have shed many tears about the suicides of those young boys – one of them was the age my older son is now…and my outrage definitely came through in the tone of my talk.

Fortunately, the UUs are a very supportive crowd in general and many people shared emotional stories about their family members and friends with me after the service.

I met a few guys in the Gay Men’s chorus who know you and the director told me that your story was his favorite part of the service!

A group of us from FUSS will be at the Wedding March on October 16, so if you are planning to go, we’ll see you there.

Thank you again for sharing your journey with me and all the UUs in Schenectady. I wish you continued happiness and joy together!

Take care

It was a very sweet e-mail and I’m glad to know that, by simply being out there and visible and sharing our story and living our lives, we are helping to educate, enlighten and reinforce positive attitudes towards and about gay people and marriage equality.

(And, yes, we plan on being at the Wedding March on October 16.)

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4 Responses to >The story of us

  1. Ur-spo says:

    >It is comforting to know that we can do so much even when we think we are doing so little, sometimes our mere presence and example is enough to do great deeds.

  2. anne marie says:

    >you will have to tell us alllll about it the following day when we meet you for lunch!

  3. Mark in DE says:

    >How lovely! I think its easy for us to forget that by "simply being out there and visible and sharing our story and living our lives" we really ARE helping to shape others' perceptions of who and what gay people are.

  4. >This is great! Always good to read stuff like this! 🙂

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