>Cartoon Cravings


I have always been a huge comic book geek and fan of super-heroes but, when I was younger, I never read comics because we could not afford them. Fortunately, we could afford a small black and white television set so I did get to watch Saturday morning cartoons, although I did not get to see them in color until years later. I think, because many of the initial heroes I watched were original characters made solely for the TV, I have always had an affinity for lesser known, obscure characters. One of my all time favorite shows ever was Tarzan and the Super 7, which featured 7 different cartoons:

The Freedom Force
(Merlin, Sinbad, Super-Samurai, Isis, Hercules)

Web Woman
(who is often compared to Marvel‘s Spider-Woman
but I think is more like DC‘s Insect Queen)

Other TV Saturday morning favorites:

Teen Force
Battle of the Planets
Space Sentinels
Bigfoot & Wild Boy
The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!(and Hero High)
Super Friends (with the Wonder Twins, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan and Samurai)

These were the ones I grew up watching and I discovered so many more, far too many to mention, as I got older. To this day, I have a soft spot for the filmation shows and older cartoons. Most of the current stuff is lost on me and I’ve never been able to get into much of any of it, although I loved the not to distantly canceled Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.

On cold, dark, rainy days like today, as I’m lying awake in bed, I find myself longing to slip into pajamas or Underoos, get a big bowl of cereal and spend the morning watching my favorite old toons. If only they were all available for purchase or still aired.


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7 Responses to >Cartoon Cravings

  1. Breenlantern says:

    >RG: This was not even a close to a complete list…I could have added so many more: Space Ghost, Frankenstein Jr., Bird Man, Thundarr the Barbarian, not to mention all the early Marvel and DC cartoons, Thundercats, Captain Cave Man, etc.

  2. RG says:

    >Hello – Space Ghost! He even had his own talk show at one time! Jeesh – you people!

  3. >He-Man, Underdog, Batman and League of Justice were probably my favorites. Filmation was great!

  4. Breenlantern says:

    >Raindog: WOW! A cartoon I've never heard of until now. We will have to have a cartoon night so you can pop my SB hymen…

  5. raindog469 says:

    >I have a weakness for Star Blazers myself… enough to have bought the first 2 series on DVD. I had one for Battle of the Planets (a.k.a. "G-Force") too, until I downloaded an episode a couple of years ago. As cheesy as Star Blazers was, that one was much worse, and doesn't have the space opera storyline that makes me still enjoy Star Blazers despite how incredibly dated it is.But I watched Herculoids and Superfriends too, and enjoyed them in those days. I remember being annoyed that when Superfriends would have one of the superheroes I really liked, such as Green Lantern or Flash, it would usually be in some kind of short environmental disaster/kids in danger type of story instead of a heroes vs. villains thing.

  6. Breenlantern says:

    >Mark: I'm not into slash art or comics, although I do enjoy the line of gay male erotic comics put out by Class Comics

  7. Mark says:

    >What are your thoughts/feelings/opinions on "slash" comics/art/stories ??

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