>Virginia is For Gay Lovers


After leaving West Virginia Friday afternoon, we headed on to Richmond VA to visit Kelly (of Rambling Along in Life) and Jeff.

We were an hour later than planned, but the boys were just as warm and welcoming despite having to wait.

Kelly, Jeffrey, Jeff and me

Not long after arriving, Kelly and I shared our first cosmo

I instantly fell in love with Cricket…

…and Pino!

The boys grilled us a delicious dinner as we filled the night with cocktails and conversation. Eventually, we pooped out and headed to bed and slept in one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in. The next morning, we enjoyed coffee in the yard with the dogs before heading out to a great local diner for brunch: Kitchen 64.

Kelly and Jeff enjoying their Bloody Marry and Pinot Grigio

Jeff’s fabulous T-Shirt

Group shot with handsome waiter, Alex

Hotty Bear Guy sitting across from us

After brunch, we did a little tour of Richmond and stopped at the Hollywood Cemetery (where we took the Undie Monday shots I posted yesterday.) Then we headed home to freshen up and catch our breath before heading out to Richmond Pride. When we arrived, we were greeted by the big green “To The Bottom and Back” bar hopping bus.

Jeffrey and I sought out the Bear Booth

Jeffrey, Jeff and I enjoying the entertainment

Kelly found a good Samaritan willing to snap this pic of us on a rainbow clad ramp walkway.

I found this fabulous, sassy pink scooter that matched my sunglasses and personality perfectly!

We returned home to relax, cool down, have dinner and, yes, have more cocktails. Kelly and I took this pic posing together with their wedding gift from friend and blog fan Anne Marie.

Jeffrey found an appropriate sign to pose with as well.

Here I am having my first “Kelly Cocktail”: Vodka and Fresca

The guys were really sweet and had gifts for us when we arrived.
The first was this fabulous sign that now hangs in our bar.

The second was this homemade wedding favor: a trivet made from corks.
I hear Jeff had to drink every bottle himself to get all the corks. What a trooper!

Again, we had to leave far too soon, but we had a wonderful time with the guys (who were fantastic hosts as well) and I am really excited to have finally met Kelly (and Jeff.)

Here’s hoping it is only the first of many get togethers. Thanks for helping make our trip splendid, guys! And congrats again on your marriage. Wishing you a long, happy life together!

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5 Responses to >Virginia is For Gay Lovers

  1. Kyle says:

    >Great photos! Sean, thanks for taking us on the ride with you. Looks like you all had a ton of fun in my old home state.

  2. Raybeard says:

    >Happy photos! If I can't have any of your jolly group (or even that nameless hotty bear sitting alone) can I have Cricket and Pino, please. (For entirely different reasons, I ought to make clear!)

  3. anne marie says:

    >lawd o mercy, I am becoming famous! (swoons at the thought)LOVE the new bar sign, jeff's wine shirt (it's TWUE!), jeffrey's sign (is it TWUE? he'll never tell!), and the cork trivet.jeebus, could you see a party starring kelly & jeff, sean & jeffrey, cubby & greg, thom & richard, and me? we would be falling all over each other drunk but happy! MY kind of party!

  4. Cubby says:

    >What a great post! Man, I feel like some kind of voyeur or stalker or something for enjoying it so much. Is that wrong? Greg and I can't wait to meet you guys (and Kelly & Jeff too) some day.

  5. Kelly says:

    >It was ohhh so much fun having you guys… we hope to get up to see you…or meet somewhere in between…you guys were great guests! and it was great to finally meet you after so many years!! smooches!!

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