>No virgins in Virginia


We made it to Virginia last night by 7:30PM. It took us almost 7 hours on the dot. The drive would have been fine but for all of the construction in PA. Uggh!

Thom and Richard greeted us with warm hugs and kisses and we were not in the house for more than 10 minutes before drinks were in hand and conversation was flowing. Richard’s house is beautiful, warm and inviting and the dinner he made was delicious. We had a great evening and retired around midnight for a good night’s sleep.

Today we will venture out for a mini tour of the area. We are very much looking forward to spending the day with these wonderful men. I regret we have so little time to enjoy their hospitality and company but I will enjoy every minute we have together none the less.

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One Response to >No virgins in Virginia

  1. Raybeard says:

    >Can't wait to see your pics. I'm in the mood to see some of your special 'excitements'

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