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OK, so I didn’t get to sit and type out the blog post I hoped to last night about both Tom & Dale’s visit and the party we had at our house Saturday, for two reasons:

1. Our housemate, Josh, had surgery yesterday to repair a hernia and we needed to focus on getting him comfy and set up to function from the living room sofa for a few days.

2. I was so exhausted from so little sleep over the last week or so that I could barely stay awake, let alone function.

But time is slipping by and the details of this past weekend may start to fade so I’m going to cover our weekend visitors and save the party post for later in the week.

Thursday night we welcomed Tom and his partner, Dale, to Chez Breen.

Dale & Tom arrive at Chez Breen

As I noted in a previous post, Tom and I went to, and graduated from, the same high school. He was a year behind me and, although we knew each other and had mutual friends, we did not hang out. Tom also lived in Albany for awhile and befriended many of the guys I am now friends with today but, again, we did not know or hang out with each other then.

What brought us back together were Facebook and blogging. As we had several mutual friends on FB, we would see each others comments…

which led us to friending one another
which led us to discovering each others’ blogs
which led us to voyeuristically follow each others lives
which led to us becoming friends on line in a way we never did in person
which led me to discover he was coming to NY for his class reunion
which led to me extending an invitation to stay at Chez Breen while he was here

which led to him accepting
which led to their arrival Thursday night
which led to us reconnecting and having a great time
which led to me reconnecting with a mutual lady friend, Jennifer, whom Tom had dated in high School and I had taken to my Freshman Prom
which led to Jennifer returning to Chez Breen with Tom after their reunion picnic on Saturday to join us at a party already in progress (more on that tomorrow)
which led to these pictures:

Me, Jennifer and Tom by the pool

Jennifer, Dale and Tom by the pool

Tom, Me, Jennifer and Dale in Chez Breen

This is our straight boy frat party pic

We even managed to eventually coax (and by coax I mean couldn’t stop)Tom to doff his togs and join us for the traditional post-sundown group skinny-dipping which is now a staple event at every shindig at Chez Breen. I just love man who will drop trou for me. (Sorry, no pictures of that event.)

The next morning (Sunday) we crawled out of bed VERY early after a VERY late night of partying to meet some more mutual friends, Tom (Peggy from yesterday’s pics) and Jim (the partner of one of our 7BJS teammates, Brian), for breakfast at a semi-local diner (Latham 76 for those that might know it or care.)

Me and Tom before heading to the diner

Jeffrey, Tom and me

Jeffrey, Dale, me and Clyde

Tom. I’ll let you guess where I am – he he he.

(HEY! Don’t judge. I like to be a good host!)

We enjoyed a nice breakfast and more chit-chat with the guys and even had a relatively feisty waitress who was thrilled to learn that Tom and Dale were from her home state of Colorado.

From there, we said our good-byes as Tom and Dale ditched us…er…left us to visit and stay with other people for the rest of their visit, but not before snapping this pic of the breakfast club:

Tom, Tom, Jim, Jeffrey and Dale

We really did have a great time. Tom and Dale were wonderful guests and fit right in at Chez Breen like a warm puppy fits into your lap on a cold day. It was as if they had always been part of the extended Breen family and were just assuming the spots that had always been held for them in our life. It is always mixed feelings to have such a great visit, as I am grateful to have gotten the time with them but was sad there was not more time and that they had to return to Colorado. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we all get together again. Plus, I won’t to get back all the stuff he and Dale stole from us. I love ’em but, damn, their kleptomania is annoying.

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2 Responses to >Tom & Dale

  1. >1. Thank you for the kind words and being such a wonderful host.2. I hardly call you ripping off my swim trunks with your teeth and forcing me naked in the pool as me being willing. At least that is how I retell it.3. A puppy on a warm lap. Just because I muzzled your crotch when I arrived, does not mean I want to be compared to a dog.4. Great now I have straight women who have never met Dale picking him over me.5. You shouldn't have left your underwear open if you did not want them stolen.6. When are you planning a trip to Denver?7. You have a guest room by why did Dale and I have to share a bed with you and Jeffrey?8. Why did Clyde like Dale over me? Again, Dale is the favorite.9. When are you moving to Colorado?10. That is the 34th pic from the weekend where Jenn has her legs open. Odd.Love you!

  2. anne marie says:

    >"straight boy frat party pic" – BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!and I would totally hit on dale (if he didn't bat for your team, that is) – he's uber cute!looks like all y'all had a fun weekend!

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