>The Adventures of Idle Eyes Episode 2,064: Another Blogger Bonding Weekend

>I was fortunate to get to spend time with not just one of my out of town fellow bloggers this past weekend, but TWO!

On Friday, I had the great luxury to meet, for the first time “off-line”, Will from Designer Blog. Will was in town for the Glimmerglass Opera Festival in Cooperstown, NY (about an hour and a half or so from my house) and was kind enough to make room in his schedule for an afternoon poolside greet and meet at Chez Breen. After several Facebook message swaps and an “I-almost-screwed-up-our-plans” moment (I’ll explain later) Will arrived about 11:30 am Friday morning, bringing with him one of the warmest hugs I have ever received and a smile that could melt butter and make your man bits tingle. I greet him as one nudist always should another: completely in the buff and I was elated that he did not hesitate to join me as he immediately rid himself of his traveling togs and then joined me on a tour of Chez Breen. It is always a thrill for me to show off the house, both because I love it and am proud of our home and because this is where so many of my adventures I blog about take place that it is like bringing people back stage on their favorite television show sets. The conversation flowed with no effort and, like I have experienced many times in the past when meeting other bloggers, I felt as though Will and I were old friends reuniting. After a brief interruption from my landlord, we were able to traipse down to the pool to spend the rest of our afternoon lounging, lunching, laughing and skinny-dipping. The time seemed to fly by and I was so sad to see him go so soon after he arrived, but we had already cooked up a secret scheme for him to join the boys of Chez Breen and my next set of guests on Sunday for brunch. He said good-bye with the same hug and smile and his playful, charming energy and charisma resonated through the house for the remainder of the weekend.

Me and Will at Chez Breen

That evening at approximately 11:30 pm, I opened the door to yet another handsome, hug-bearing homo-blogger: Thom of Thoughts Made Bald and his lovely companion, Richard. This was the 3rd time Thom had stayed with us at Chez Breen (a year to the day, from his last visit in fact, as we discovered when noticing the date of the pictures we had taken during his prior visit) but we were meeting Richard for the first time. It was thrilling to have Thom back and to meet Richard, but it was late and we had a very truncated reunion before everyone headed off to bed to rest up for the long weekend ahead. (To explain the comment from earlier when discussing my visit with Will, I had screwed up and planned to meet Thom and Richard at a nude beach in NJ on the Friday of their arrival, with the plan that we would caravan back to my house at the end of the day, before realizing I had already planned to have lunch with Will that same day. Everyone was so wonderful and understanding about my screw up that it actually made it harder for me to have to decline either invite. Since I was getting Thom & Richard for the whole weekend, it made sense to keep Friday for my Will time.)

Saturday we all awoke and gathered downstairs for some morning chat, catch up and coffee. Then we got dressed (hey, with 4 out of 5 men being nudists or semi-nudists in the house, does it REALLY surprise you we spent most of the weekend naked?) and headed to Tops Diner (insert jokes here) for breakfast.

Thom and Richard at Tops

After breakfast, we returned home for some quick pool lounging before we had to leave our guests in the young, tanned, sturdy hands of our adorable and charming housemate, Josh, before getting dressed and scooting off to my Sister’s week-after-the-wedding reception . The highlights of that event were seeing my oldest brother who had flown in from Phoenix and running into an old high school friend (“Hi, Jennifer”) who horrified me when she told me she’s been reading my blog and knows all the nitty-gritty details of my debaucherous life. Sigh…blog fame has its price I guess, and that price is anonymity.

Me and my sister at her reception

We returned home as quickly as we could to get ready for that night’s festivities: a cook-out pool party thrown in honor of Thom and Richard’s visit. If you know me at all, you know I love to meet my fellow bloggers, I love to have house guests and visitors, I love my friends and I love my pool parties. Imagine the level of elation I had to have all of this combined into one night. I was beside myself. My fabulous friends all showed up with food and drink in tow and joined us for an amazing evening of grilled food, salads, cocktails, conversation, laughter and – you guessed it- more skinny-dipping.

The guys in the pool at Chez Breen(most sans suits!)

The air cooled but the heated pool stayed warm and we coaxed 99% of the guys into the pool (with and without suits) for some water-logged silliness and swimmingly fun antics. Post pool, we gathered around our portable fire pit (a gift from our other friend Tom) to warm up in a scene right out of “Survivor” sans the voting off of anyone from this tribe.

Doing the tribal dance around the fire

The evening eventually wound down close to midnight and we cleaned up and returned to our beds for some much needed sleep.

Sunday morning came and, despite our limited time, Thom, Richard and I managed to get ourselves dressed and out the door for a truncated bike ride, during which we almost lost Richard, my bike chain popped off and the guys left me eating their dust as they rode off at speeds and for a distance I just could not match despite my best efforts. Unfortunately, I had to ruin the surprise of Will joining us for brunch that day as we debated about whether to move our reservations to a later time or just have a shorter bike ride. (We had gotten started a little later than planned.) We agreed we did not want to lose time with Will and (thankfully for me, as it turns out, since I was nearly dead from exhaustion and effort as it was) went with the shorter bike ride.

Despite our best efforts to shorten the bike ride, get home, get showered and get ready in time, we left late and my poor husband, Jeffrey, had to break the sound barrier as he sped along as fast as he dared to try to get us to brunch by our 11 am reservation time at the American Hotel in Sharon Springs. I had texted Will to let him know we’d be late as we headed out, but my service cut out right after that and I was unable to get a hold of the hotel to try to warn them we’d be late. As luck and skill would have it, despite an incredibly tense and highly illegal super fast drive, my fabulous hubby managed to get us there in just under 10 minutes past our reservation time and our brunch plans were saved.

It was another warm and wonderful greeting as Will and Thom were reunited (having previously met) and Will got to meet Richard and Jeffrey and Josh for the first time. We were greeted by our wonderful, handsome host and co-owner of the Hotel, Doug (who, along with his husband Garth, can be seen as recurring guests and good friends of Josh and Brent, the city gay boys turned farmers on the Reality TV Show “The Fabulous Beekman Boys“) who regaled us with stories of the filing of the show before seating us in the dining room for what was (as is usual) a wonderful breakfast. We talked opera and gardening and gays and guys until Will had to depart to get back to Cooperstown (which fortunately is much closer to Sharon Springs than it is our house which made the brunch meet up possible.) for his next opera [and DAMN ME for not getting a group photo before he left]. The rest of us lingered in town a bit to visit Beekman 1801, the soap and gift shop up the street from the Hotel, owned by the Beekman Boys.

In Saratoga: Thom, Richard, Josh, Jeffrey and me

Our ride home was MUCH nicer and slower and, when we arrived home, we returned to the pool for some more lounging, resting, reading and swimming.

That night, Thom and Richard took Jeffrey and me out to dinner to The Standard as a thank you for hosting them (Josh was invited but had plans and was unable to attend.) We discovered, during dinner, that the guys had eyed a movie among our DVD collection that had piqued their curiosity, so upon returning home, we got comfy (swapped clothes for blankets and pillows) and settled in to watch 9 Dead Gay Guys.

Neither Josh nor Jeffrey had the stamina to last to the end of the movie, so they headed off to bed and left the three of us to finish it off together. Not quite ready for bed once it was over, we opted to watch the original Gidget movie and continue our communal couching before we eventually all had to give in to our exhaustion and retire for the evening.

I had taken the day off Monday so I could have some extra time with the guys and after debating whether to make another go at a group outing to the beach in NJ, we decided to keep it simple and just hang out by the pool at Chez Breen and enjoy each other’s company instead until the boys had to leave. I invited my friend, Robb, to join us in our lounging so I got to introduce the guys to yet another of my fabulous friends. The four of us had a lovely (naked) time by the pool until it was time for Thom and Richard to go.

With promises to visit again as soon as possible (perhaps sooner than anyone might think and that’s all I can say for now) we gave our final hugs and kisses and words of love and friendship to one another and as I waved them off, despite the sadness to see them go, I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Richard, me and Thom just before they left Chez Breen

Yes, a lucky man indeed.

Thank you, Will and Thom and Richard, for giving me yet another unforgettable weekend and reminding me that, if it weren’t for blogging, I’d never have met any of you wonderful men. Chez Breen is a warmer, happier place for having had you all within it’s walls and at it’s pool side and you are all welcome back again anytime.

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5 Responses to >The Adventures of Idle Eyes Episode 2,064: Another Blogger Bonding Weekend

  1. wcs says:

    >Sounds like great fun all around! Lucky indeed!

  2. Ur-spo says:

    >what a lovely time that all sounds.You are a fortunate man.

  3. anne marie says:

    >dayum…TMB is a sexay dude…so THAT'S what's been hiding behind those undie monday pix!looks like the weekend was a complete success, martha stewart!

  4. Thom says:

    >We had a great time chez Breen! Thanks to you, Jeffrey, and Josh for being such wonderful hosts. And it was so nice to see Will again and have brunch with him.

  5. Will says:

    >We shall meet again, Mr. Breen! In my 16 years out at Cooperstown in mid-summer, gthis weekend was by far the most fun and enjoyable.Oh, I found that we do get The Fabulous Beekman Boys on New Hampshire cable TV, and introduced Fritz to it last night. Fortunately, Doug and Garth were on it so the story I had for him about Sunday brunch meant a little bit more.Thanks, sweetie–you're definitely the host with the most.

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