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It’s really humid out. I spent the day inside, naked, working on re-organizing my office and sorting out my clothes, dividing the “fits now” from the “hope it fits again soon.” (The pool is being treated with chlorine today, so no swimming.)

I have lost 5 pounds in 13 days…not bad, I guess, but somehow I’m disappointed, even though I’ve surpassed my goal of 2 pounds a week by one pound. I’ve been to the gym 8 out of 10 days since I joined. I should have gone today but I have not spent any time at home lately and I needed to do laundry and clean out my office and closet. I’ll be back tomorrow for sure. I try not to miss more than one day in a row.

We may go to Rocks tonight. It’s been a while and it will be good to see some folks, not so good to see others; but it should be fun either way.

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2 Responses to >Up to

  1. >I should try some naked indoor orgaanizing. Maybe I'd actually get things done.

  2. Kelly says:

    >Yea!! 5 pounds is awesome… I want to get rid of 15 more by september and it is soooo hard to be good… so congrats on sticking with gym… keep up the good work… looking good!!

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