Still contemplating the future of my blog. I appreciate everyone’s input as I decided where to go and what to do. Undie Monday will be on hiatus until I decide. However, I REALLY needed to share this with someone, so:

In a direct contradiction to THAT indecisiveness, Jeffrey and I just booked a flight to San Francisco in September. We’ll be arriving in SF on Friday September 3rd and departing on Tuesday September 7th. The deciding factors were:

  • We could get a direct flight on American Airlines from Boston to San Francisco as opposed to Flying to Phoenix on Alaska Airline with a transfer in Portland or Seattle. As I have never flown before, nor had to endure airline security, a direct flight seemed like the least stressful experience I could have the first time around as opposed to having to change flights.
  • The flight to San Fran is only costing us about $200.00 total for both of us over the credit from our pre-purchased tickets to Portland last year. The flight to Phoenix would have cost us almost $800.00 more. Money was really the deciding factor for us. Honestly, had we not found a considerably cheaper destination to fly to, we would not have gone anywhere, as we were not willing to invest another thousand dollars over what we already spent.

The Pros: I’m excited. San Francisco is on my bucket list; as is flying.
The Cons: I’m disappointed. I am going to miss seeing my oldest brother and the chance to meet a blogger I REALLY want to meet some day this time around. (Just postponed.)

So, have at it: we need suggestions for where to stay, where to go, what to see and what to do. We’ll have part of day when we arrive and 3 full days to explore. Again, your suggestions and input would be invaluable!

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11 Responses to >Indecisions

  1. Blobby says:

    >I suggest staying at the Mark Hopkins hotel (you may have heard of Top of the Mark).Yeah, it's an intercontinental hotel, but you can get rooms for under $200 a night – and it's pretty much in the center of everything.For the many times I've been there, I haven't done Alcatraz. But you must walk (not drive) the GGB….and walk the Presidio. Coit Tower is ok, but the walk down Telegraph Hill afterwards is better. There's a great almost hidden staircase from one to the other.

  2. Dyl says:

    >I forgot to say the Lone Star is good for some bear attention or watching and they have beer busts at least twice a week which are popular. I preferred it to the places in the Castro for eye candy and friendly staff and clientele….

  3. heat says:

    >I loved Alcatraz when I went. Haight Ashbury had some cool shops and a really awesome vibe going on. Chinatown was fun for 10 minutes. I thought The Castro was great, but agree, not really as different as I had expected.My trip was way too short so I didnt get to a whole lot that I wanted.

  4. 婷珊 says:

    >Say not all that you know, believe not all that you hear.............................................................

  5. Dyl says:

    >Blimey. I disagree with a lot of that. The Castro is just like any other gay district anywhere. Up to you if that sounds interesting. Obviously there'll be lots of guys there…. It's good for a beer or a gay Starbucks.There's some great restaurants in the city, around Union Square and up around the Embarcadero. The best Chinese I've ever been to in the world is a dimsum place in the Rincon called Yank Sing. I just mentioned it to the husb and he said he thought it was the best Chinese meals he's had in his life too.Union Square is also great for shopping.If you've got time go to Muir Woods just north of the city to see some amazing Redwoods.My favourite comics shop in the world is also in SF; its called the Comics Outpost and is reachable via public transport. The guy who owns it is a huge fanboy and has some stunning collectibles.The tram (they call it a cable car) from Market all the way to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory is pretty cool and you can stock up at the factory 🙂 There's also a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge there.Alcatraz is interesting though depressing. Fishermans Wharf is ok again if you have time to spare, as is a trip down zigzaggy Lombard Street. There's also a Japanese garden in Golden Gate Park which is nice for a cuppa tea if you have time and the inclination.

  6. Ur-spo says:

    >There is a fabulous CD store in the Castro district called medium rare, I think. I hope it is still there.

  7. Bear Me Out says:

    >I hope we will all get to hear about your big adventure! So, keep blogging!

  8. Thom says:

    >Yay! Sounds great!

  9. SteveA says:

    >SFO is amazing – you will have lots of fun! The Castro, the clubs, the food – really good!

  10. Kelly says:

    >1st… you will LOVE San Fran… though when Jeff and I went it was during Pride and, well, ummm we did not do the touristy stuff… but everyone there outside of Pride were very nice and helpful… you will totally enjoy the city… I hope to get there again soon…

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