>Santa Speedo Sprint


Yesterday was the 4th Annual Santa Speedo Sprint, a fundraiser for the Albany Damien Center a community center for individuals and families living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Programs and activities offered are designed to improve health, reduce stress, and increase quality of life.

It is the first one we have attended, as we have never been available to go until this year and we had several friends running and wanting to attend, so we gathered the troops at a local gay bar (Oh Bar) on Lark and watched the events. It was amazingly well attended, had a huge participation and the fun, spirit and festiveness was infectious. The best part: they raised almost $10,000.00.

The first video is the end of the race, the second is a slide show of pics from a wonderful day spent with friends and half naked men.


We end the weekend with our final day of bowling for this season, followed by a banquet, awards, and the announcement of the new Board for the CAPB league, which may or may not include yours truly as the Vice-President. Wish me luck.
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2 Responses to >Santa Speedo Sprint

  1. wcs says:

    >Good luck! Love the new look!

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