Up, Up and Away

Yesterday I ended my stint in the job I had started only 9 months ago, in December 2013. This is the sign that greeted me when I got to work:



Per the note above, several of my superhero figures had gone missing. This was my reply:



My work group took me out to lunch and surprised me with a couple parting gifts: a devil’s mask (because I’m “the devil” to them, now that I’m leaving them behind); a bag of chocolates (I kept a bowl of chocolates on my desk for my co-workers); and a bag of superhero office supplies for my new desk (pen, pad, wipe off board, posters, etc.). It all came with a signed card that was very sweet. This office has been good to me, especially through my surgeries this past year, and I am sorry to leave them behind. They appreciated my sense of humor and we had a lot of laughs. However, they understand that it’s a big promotion and I wanted to move up, so they were very understanding and congratulatory.

This morning, I head to my new desk and job (only fifty feet to the right of where I was until yesterday.) I only have a rough idea of what I’ll be doing, but I am looking forward to learning a new  area of my agency and proving I am the right person for this position. It is always a little nerve wracking being “the new guy” at a job and enduring those first few weeks when you stumble around, learning the ropes and becoming a productive member of the team, but I’ll muddle through it and get where I need to be as soon as possible. It’s a wonderful opportunity and I am more excited than nervous. I try hard to get along with everyone and I hope I fit in well with the new team.

I am putting out a bowl of chocolates, though, just in case.

I’m Super…Thanks For Asking


Today I began a self-imposed get-back-into-normal-life-as-much-as-possible, gain-no-more-weight therapy.

I got up with Jeffrey, saw him off to work, showered and dressed, had my coffee while sitting with the dogs, then headed out for my morning walk. I decided to sport the Captain America T-Shirt you see on me, above, to inspire me to be my own hero, get off my ass, and get moving.

To make my walk more productive, I drove to the nearby downtown Troy, (we actually live in Speigletown, but Troy is only 5 minutes away,) parked, and went on a walking exploration, listing all the restaurant and shops I discovered on my walk, on my iPhone for future reference. I did discover one or two small places that I was not aware of before, but mostly knew about the rest. Still, it was fun and interesting to go out exploring on foot, and I got my hour walk in with no problem.

After my walk, I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items, then headed home, put on laundry, threw together a small salad for lunch, and got caught up on texts, e-mails and Facebook.

I know that probably sounds like a pretty ho-hum kind of day for some of you but, for me, being able to shower, get dressed and get out and around all by myself, is a pretty big deal. I’m still wearing my man-girdle, and I am still unable to bend or lift anything, for the most part; otherwise, I feel pretty darn close to normal again after a 6.5 week hiatus from life.

The open wound on my abdomen (from the coughing fit a few weeks ago that split open my incision) has healed from a cavernous hole we (Jeffrey) had to pack with saturated gauze every day, to a relatively minor sore spot that I simply have to cover with a new bandage myself each morning after showering. It has actually been pretty amazing watching this thing heal and get better day in and day out, as opposed to just removing bandages after several weeks and seeing it already healed.  I may be back to work as early as July 31st – just 10 days away – if I get the green light from my surgeon when I go for my check-up on June 30th.

In preparation for returning to normalcy, Jeffrey and I have begun making tentative plans for the fall, to a few drivable get aways, as well as a possible, long overdue, trip to Arizona next April.

As much as I’m not excited about returning to my cubicle and the hour drive to and fro every day, It’ll be good for me to get back to work. I’ll need the distraction. Jim is leaving for India for a couple weeks, for work, and then will be on vacation, so I won’t see him for a month or so and that’s gonna suck. I’ve gotten spoiled seeing so much of him during my recovery. He’s such a big part of my life, it won’t be the same without him here for so long. In this case, however, I have no doubt that the adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” will hold true. At least for me. He’ll probably be relieved to get away from all of my health issues and unhealthy dog attachment issues for awhile (ha ha).

Now to get back off my arse and find something productive to do.

Jim’s Pic A Day May: 1

Jim over at Jim’s Stuff has posted a blogger challenge to post a pic a day for the Month of May. I wasn’t going to join in, but then I realized I had nothing to say yesterday so, from writer’s block, a participant was born. This is a pic of me at work yesterday. My cubicle used to be wall to wall toys, posters and magnets of comic book stuff and gay pride paraphernalia, but I have stripped it bare both because we are moving our offices in a  month or so and also because the stark appearance reflects the new tone and atmosphere of my office: automatons in a processing plant. (Hey, I said I’d participate, I didn’t say my pics would be interesting.)


For the record, every time I wear this shirt I feel like people should call me “Colonel Mustard.”

Little Things

My co-worker bought me a Spongeob Squarepants snuggie for work because it is so cold in our office. It’s super warm and I love it.

A friend of ours came into town Thursday night and stayed with us overnight since he had work related business here Friday. We had a wonderful time seeing him again and catching up.

Our colds seem to be getting better.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty low-key, non-eventful week.

Oh, and we bought a house…


*he he he*




Well, it’s a 3 day countdown to my last day in my current office, and since the ladies over the wall are having their two hour gab session before attempting to start any work, making it nearly impossible for me to concentrate or get any work done, I’ve decided now’s a great time to write a blog post. I truly have no idea how they get any work done or do anything accurately when they actually process any work, as they do nothing but talk and whine and laugh and complain and take care of personal business on the phone all day long. We are incredibly backlogged on work and even with your nose to the grindstone, you can’t possibly stay on top of your work load. I guess their response is “if we can’t stay on top of it, why try to do anything at all?” Oh well, in 55 hours, it will not be my problem any more and I will return to the land of professional pleasant people.

Although this will be the end to the better part of 8 months of pure emotional torture and a ridiculous, hostile and non-professional work environment (and there is no doubt I will be relieved beyond measure come Wednesday at 4:00 pm,) I am truly excited for other reasons. Not only am I returning to working downtown (yay) and will be working with my prior staff (yay), what I will be doing will be far more enjoyable and professionally fulfilling for me than processing repetitive data. It will allow me to use my technical and creative reading and writing skill set (hey, I won the 9th grade English and Grammar award…I’m no slouch in the English language department) and work internally with other staff as opposed to externally in customer support and assistance.