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Jim’s Pic A Day May: 1

Jim over at Jim’s Stuff has posted a blogger challenge to post a pic a day for the Month of May. I wasn’t going to join in, but then I realized I had nothing to say yesterday so, from writer’s block, a participant was born. This is a pic of me at work yesterday. My cubicle used to be wall to wall toys, posters and magnets of comic book stuff and gay pride paraphernalia, but I have stripped it bare both because we are moving our offices in a  month or so and also because the stark appearance reflects the new tone and atmosphere of my office: automatons in a processing plant. (Hey, I said I’d participate, I didn’t say my pics would be interesting.)


For the record, every time I wear this shirt I feel like people should call me “Colonel Mustard.”

Little Things

My co-worker bought me a Spongeob Squarepants snuggie for work because it is so cold in our office. It’s super warm and I love it.

A friend of ours came into town Thursday night and stayed with us overnight since he had work related business here Friday. We had a wonderful time seeing him again and catching up.

Our colds seem to be getting better.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty low-key, non-eventful week.

Oh, and we bought a house…


*he he he*