Sorry this space has been so quiet, folks. It’s been a great and very social couple of weeks and things remain quite busy at work (fewer staff, larger work load) so finding time to sit down and compose thoughts that I can record here has been difficult.

They are putting in the new Radon Mitigation System today for the house we’re purchasing. (Radon gas is a common issue in the area we’re buying the house in. There is radon in the ground which seeps into basements and can build up if the basements are enclosed and non-ventilated.  They put in ventilation systems in the houses to help ventilate the basements and prevent build ups of the gas that could rise to unhealthy levels.) Radon will be tested again next week to make sure the system is working and levels are below safety standards. Then its smooth sailing until the closing on Feb 9th.  We have not settled on an exact day to move in, as there are some projects we want to do first in the new house.

It has finally gotten consistently cold here and we’ve had our second dusting of snow. Nothing unexpected for a January in New York, but it makes the inner bear in me come out and want to hibernate. I feel practically lethargic and, especially being on the go a lot lately, all I want to do is sleep. Sigh….