Photo on Wednesday7-23-14 at 12.58 PM


Here I am again, at the infusion center for my second infusion of Remicade. I’m flying solo this time (no Jeffrey), although I am sharing the room with a gentleman I described, on Facebook, as follows:

“a slightly ruffled, cute, young bearded ginger, ala young Kris Kringle in Bass & Rankin’s ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ “

We are also sharing the room with a woman who looks to be in her 20s, and seems to be willing the Remicade to move through the IV faster, with her mind, by the way she’s staring at her arm rather intensely. Also, to be honest, I’m fairly certain she’s listened to a KD Lang album before and watched an episode or two of Ellen, if you know what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge* (Also, she just admitted to recently going camping and chopping wood and she’s wearing VERY comfortable shoes …mmmmHMMMMMMMM.)

The nurses i n the Remicade room always introduce us to each other as we arrive, which I suppose is a courtesy since we’re all sitting as close to each other (if not closer) as we would be in my living room. Everyone does an obligatory “hello” or “hey” before turning to focus on whatever electronic device they brought with them to keep them occupied for 2 hours. I do miss the other infusion room I was in, a few months ago, with curtain dividers between infusion chairs to give, at least, a semblance of privacy. Not that I’m anti-social, it’s just easier to look at porn on my laptop when I’m not in such an open space *giggle*

I had no reactions to my Remicade the first time, so I anticipate no reaction this time. I will meet with my GI Doctor after this infusion, today, to do a touch-base/check-up/ask-me-enough-questions-to-qualify-it-as-a-doctor’s-appointment-and-justify-a-co-pay-appointment (I kid.) We will actually discuss my current status, my future on Remicade, and what it means for my body and over-all health and well-being, so I’m game. But I do have a game night tonight with my men’s naturist group, so I want to be out of here in time to get there and sport my new “everything off but my man-girdle” look.

And so the adventure continues…

Gay Balls

Tonight, we met a few friends and went gay bowling, for one of the events for Pride week in Albany.

We drank a lot of beer, knocked down a few pins, then headed out, with our good buddy, Tony, to one of our favorite places to eat: Olde English Pub.

The food was great, the service exemplary, and the eye candy plentiful enough to rot your eye teeth in an instant.

Definitely, a fantastic night!

(Tony and me enjoying a pint!)