Oobladi Ooblada Life goes On

As I grow closer and closer to being fully recovered, I have begun resuming my normal activities, not the least enjoyable of which is going out to dinner with my hubby on a lovely weathered evening. Tonight, we made our way to a nearby favorite, Bomber’s Burrito Bar, for some light noshing and imbibing. Here I am perusing the menu on the outdoor patio:


We were pleased as (spiked) punch when our drinks arrived. Jeffery got his usual: a blue margarita, and I got mine: a Jimbo (half beer, half margarita…it’s way better than it sounds, trust me.)




After finishing dinner, we headed home and spent time frolicing with the furry kids on the bed. We tried to get a family photo, but after 40 tries, this was the best of the bunch:




Tomorrow, we’re hitting the road and heading to Biddeford, Maine (near Portland) to see a friend of ours in a community theater performance of “The Full Monty.” It’ll be my first big road trip, but a much needed (and well deserved) mini-get away for us, after the trials and tribulations of the last few months.

I’m still not 100%, but I’m pretty psyched to be as far along as I am.

The New Normal

I had the closest thing to a normal weekend so far, thanks to these two guys:



Jim and I had dinner and spent the night in Lennox, MA last night. Today, we explored nearby Lee and Lenox Center, two cute little towns, where we had lunch and shopped a bit.

When I got home, Jeffrey and I caught up on our last evenings, then headed out to pick up my comics and meet our friend, Mark, for cocktails and dinner (and some more light shopping) at a local restaurant and mall.

Despite being a little sore and very tired, it was wonderful to be out of the house and spending time with the men in my life.

I’m a lucky fellow indeed.

Farewellings and Frenzies

Today was the service for my friend, Brian. It has been a long while since I have been at anything like this, and I was quite uncomfortable with the religious drapery about it but, out of respect for the memory of my friend and his family who invited us to this very private affair, I muddled through it. I only lost it once when his brother got up to speak, reminding us all that “if you are here, it is because Brian loved you. You made the cut. You were on his team.” I think he would have appreciated the sentiment, and loved watching me squirm through the prayers and bible readings. He had a peculiar sense of humor about such things, and he always liked to try to make me a little uncomfortable for his own amusement. Through the tears, I smiled at the thought of him having one last chuckle at my expense. Afterwards, we gathered at a nearby bar & grill, one if his usual haunts, and toasted him with beer, sharing stories of him with friends and family. A fitting farewell to a man so few of us were lucky enough to know well and share a bond with. I will definitely miss his presence in my life.

As you can see from the previous post, we’ve been in a bit of a re-decorating frenzy at Breen Acres. My hubby, Jeffrey, and I agreed, upon moving in a year ago, that we would make no major purchases and would make do with whatever we already had moved in with for one year. We ended our first year here this past March, so the restraints are off and all of the ideas and plans we’ve discussed (and all the wonderful suggestions my bf Jim has made) can start to be put into play. It will never cease to amaze me how a few simple changes can completely alter the look and feel of our home. I am in love with our new curtains and blinds and reconfiguration of our living room. But the interior design bug has bitten me hard, and it is all I can do to restrain myself from spending every dime we’ve managed to scrape together on every last item I’ve decided our home absolutely must have to improve it to my satisfaction and pleasure. Fortunately, Jeffrey’s cooler head has prevailed and forced me to pace myself.  Sigh…whatever happened to reckless abandon?

I am several days behind on all of your blogs, but I have chosen to wait until I can sit down and properly read and respond rather than just skim through. It’s been great to hear from so many of you and to have new followers as a result of the bloggerpalooza a couple weeks ago. I definitely feel reinvigorated as a blogger. On that note, I’m toying with the idea of bringing back Undie Monday. What say you all?

Popping In

We’ve had a couple house guests this week so my focus has been entertaining them and I’ve only now found the time to post to my blog, and it’s going to be a quickie.

When I took Harvey for a walk Friday morning, I saw two signs that said “Children at Play. Reduced Speed Ahead.” I immediately thought I wanted a similar sign for the corner at Breen Acres:

This morning, we want to breakfast at a local diner after a failed attempt at making Pop-Overs. I got this great pic of me and the gay lover life partner husband:

It’s been a weekend of eating, drinking, and a bit of debauchery.

Also, I had a very…interesting…dream about one of you this weekend that made for a …sticky…situation.

Tonight, we are watching “Desperate Living.”

That is all.

Jim’s Pic A Day May: 23 Underoos

The hubby and I received a set of superhero undies as a gift Monday night so, last night, we donned them and cooked and ate dinner superhero style:




*This post is part of a blogger challenge started over at Jim’s Stuff. Check out his blog, as well as the following Bloggers who have joined in:

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Jim’s Pic A Day May: 16

The Breen Boys enjoying some backyard sun

*This post is part of a blogger challenge started over at Jim’s Stuff.
Check out his blog, as well as the following Bloggers who have joined

Jim at Jim’s Stuff

Sean at Just a Jeep Guy

Kelly at Rambling Along in Life

Erik at Gambrinous with Griffonage

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Today is my husband, Jeffrey’s,  44th birthday!

As I posted on Facebook just before midnight last night:

“Who knew that one of the most important days of my life would happen before I was born? Tomorrow I’ll do what I can to make you’re day special, but it won’t come close to how special you have made our life together. Happy Birthday, baby! Hope it’s as terrific as you are!”


To my man, my partner, my friend, my lover, my dream, my rock, my better half, my everything…happy birthday! I love you!

Nurse Sassy


This morning, my husband is having outpatient surgery. He is getting a septoplasty and turbinate reduction.  He has been plagued by allergy, congestion and breathing difficulties his entire adult life and he and his doctors agree that this procedure will probably provide him some relief.

I am worried  for him, as I know there is probably going to be a lot of pain and discomfort for some time following the surgery. As someone quite familiar with pain, I have great sympathy and empathy for others who suffer from any pain or physical discomfort and I have never wished pain on any one, even people I loathe. To see someone I love in pain is very difficult for me.

This is a reversal from our usual role. I am usually the one laid up in the hospital bed or going for a procedure or home on meds in one kind of pain or another; Jeffrey is the caregiver and gopher. I had some experience caring for him when he broke his leg last year, but this will be a whole other level. I hope he is in less pain than his research and tales from friends, who have had the procedure, would suggest, and I hope I do as good a job caring for him as he has done for me so many times in the past.




Things that bug me!


My apologies to my adoring fans. (That means BOTH of you!) I have been very ill with a stupid stomach bug (as so labeled by my physician’s assistant) for several days, and that, coupled with putting my house on the market has made me unavailable for blogging (or going to work, visiting, eating or much of anything for that matter.) This will be short and sweet: Passport’s on it’s way, house is on the market, I’ve lost 4 pounds since last week (thank you stomach bug), and my husband bought me Justice League Unlimited Season 1, Juice Boxes, and Graham Crackers to make my stay on Dr.Breen’s Nursing Couch a bit more hospitable. Also, we have come out full blown to friends and family: we’re selling the house and moving to Canada. Let the unsolicited advice, warnings and complaints begin. Peace Love and Pride, y’all!