Belated Celebration

We are on the road to Manchester VT for the weekend for our official Anniversary celebration. We’ll be staying at an Inn we’ve never stayed at before and have reservations at two restaurants we’ve never eaten at before, with a jaunt to the outlets and shops to fill the time in between. We’re very excited for this little weekend adventure, and to celebrate our Anniversary in style.

Thanks for all the congrats, gang!

Marry-ly we go along…

15 Years ago, today, Jeffrey and I swapped rings and made a joint decision to walk (stumble?) through life together. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt confident that whatever life threw at us, we could and would handle it together. I am amazed at all we have survived and achieved together, and at the bond we have formed.

In many ways, we have veered off the beaten path, and we’ve certainly been making it up as we go along, but somehow, we’ve made it all work. He continues to amaze me with his unconditional love and support, and I do my best to show my appreciation and gratitude and to never take him for granted. Beyond that, I just keep my fingers crossed that he never wises up and realized he got the short end of the stick with me ;-)

Oh we ain’t got a barrel of money
Maybe we’re ragged and funny
But we’ll travel along singin’ our song side by side

Don’t know what’s comin’ tomorrow
Maybe it’s trouble and sorrow
But we’ll travel the road sharin’ our load side by side

Through all kinds of weather
What if the sky should fall?
Just so long as we’re together
It doesn’t matter at all

When they’ve all had their quarrels and parted
We’ll be the same as we started
Just travlin’ along singin’ our song side by side.

Sonic Boom

Jim and I took Jeffrey to the Kingston area this weekend as part of Jeffrey’s birthday celebration. The reason we chose Kingston is because it has a Sonic, which is Jeffrey’s favorite burger joint.

Well, I should say HAD a Sonic.

We headed out around 9:30 am Saturday morning and got to the Kingston Waterfront around 11:00am. We had never been there, but had read on the web that there were shops and restaurants so we thought it was a good place to spend the morning until lunch. It was not quite the “down town shopping mecca” the web had described it as, but it was quaint and it was fun to explore a new area none the less. We headed to Sonic for lunch, only to have our hearts sink as we pulled into an empty lot. Apparently, Sonic closed down and we never got the memo. This was a major bummer, as the whole weekend was informed by the plans for lunch at Sonic. We were troopers, and after a moment of teary silence, we moved onto Rhinebeck for lunch, cocktails and more shopping. Then we headed back into Kingston and hit all our favorite stores – Pier I, Home Goods, Target, Michael’s and Bed Bath & Beyond – before checking into the hotel and chilling out for a bit. Then we went to a less then spectacular dinner at Olive Garden, and ended the evening with cocktails back in our room. We got home today around 10:00 am, said good-bye to Jim around 2:00, and spent the remainder of the day  in quiet repose with the dogs.

It wasn’t quite the weekend I had hoped for, for Jeffrey, but we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves despite some of the disappointments.

Que Sera Sera.

Happy Birthday Husband!


Today is my husband Jeffrey’s birthday. Rather than a single event, I’ve planned several nights of events to celebrate the occasion, including dinner plans with various people and a little road trip the bf Jim and I are taking him on this weekend.  Although Jeffrey is a far less ostentatious than I am, he deserves recognition and celebration none the less. Today may be his day, but it’s just as important to me, because knowing him and being with him has changed my life beyond what words can convey.

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!

End Game

Today is my last day at home before returning to work tomorrow. It is a bitter sweet time. I am glad to be putting the past few months behind me and looking forward to being more consistently healthy and, if I’m lucky, never having another surgery. I am also glad to be almost completely back to normal, as far as activity goes, with just some avoidance of heavy lifting for a while longer. I am not thrilled to be returning to my daily cubicle, but it is a necessary evil to have the life we have and do the things we do. I am also very sad to have to leave my dogs every day, again. The time I have gotten to spend with them has been a silver lining in the dark clouds of my recovery, and I imagine I will have some separation anxiety to deal with for a while.

Rather than sit and sulk the day away, I decided to be super productive, the way people like me are when it’s the final hour and deadlines are looming.  I probably did more projects today than I have done in 8 weeks. Besides laundry, dishes, dusting and sweeping, I also reorganized our cupboards and buffets to make room for this nifty new set of dishes we bought in Lake Placid this past weekend:


This led to sorting and organizing our linens (table clothes, napkins and runners) candles, and coasters. Then I re-sorted my towel closets, our bedroom closet, and the bed linen closet upstairs. Then I moved all the medical supplies we’ve been using from our master bathroom to the guest bathroom (aka, “the pharmacy”.) Then I re-alphebetized all our DVDs and cleaned out and sorted a few drawers. Then I took the door of the comic book room crawl space and used our jigsaw to trim a half an inch of the bottom (yeah, I just typed that) so the door wouldn’t scrape across the carpeting, as it has done since we moved in. Then I had to vacuum all the saw dust off the back porch. Then I put the door back on its hinges, and put a shelf up in the comic book room before heading back down stairs to finish up some odds and ends.

While I was doing all of this, I was composing blog posts about building homes and families. Then I decided to do two separate posts: one about homes, one about families. Now I am not writing about either.

My doctor’s appointment is in 2 hours. I will get my “walking papers” which I will need to return to work tomorrow. Jim will get home from India at the end of the week. I won’t be seeing him for another week, but I’m glad he’ll at least be back in the country and only a couple hours away. Jeffrey has texted me and promised to have tacos ready for dinner when I get home. Harvey and Rita Mae are laying quietly on my lap, unaware that this time together is coming to an end.

All in all, I’m thinking the good far outweighs the bad in my life.




Mantastic Musical


Tonight is our last night in Maine. It has been a wonderful weekend, and we ended it on an extremely high note. We saw one of the best community theater performances we have ever seen tonight. The entire cast of “Full Monty” (performing at the City Theater in Biddeford, Maine) did an outstanding job, especially our friend, James , who rocked the part of Malcolm and literally brought tears to my eyes with his beautiful performance of “You Walk With Me.” (James is the one on the far left in the cast photo above.)

It was an epic ending to a fantastic weekend. A special thanks to my husband, Jeffrey, who wined and dined me, chauffeured me all over Maine, and allowed me to deplete our financial resources with a butt-load of purchases.

I’m exhausted, sated in every way, and excited to see my puppies again.

The Maine Man

This morning we packed our bags, said a teary good-buy to our dogs, and hit the road to Biddeford, Maine. The impetus for the trip is to see our friend in a community theater production of “The Full Monty,” but it was really just an excuse for a mini road trip before I (hopefully) head back to work at the end of next week. Here I am, all shaded up, enjoying the ride.




After we arrived and checked into our hotel, we headed back out and explored Biddeford a bit, then headed to downtown Portland.  Jeffrey indulged my hobby fever and took me to five different comic book stores between Biddeford and Portland. At the last store, we bought this kick-ass, 13″ Hal Jordan Green Lantern Figure.




We spent the day walking and exploring the great shops in downtown Portland, then headed back to Biddeford for dinner. After a couple margaritas at a quaint little Mexican restaurant,  we popped over to a nearby Target for some perusing. I, of course, had to take my obligatory pictures on/in the iconic Target Balls and Circles.






Then we went inside, and I found and bought these because, well, I had to





After that, we headed back to the hotel, but  stopped  at a gas station for a lottery ticket, where we discovered Maine sells liquor at their gas stations – SWEET! We didn’t actually buy any, because we’d already purchased baby bottles of wine at Target, but it still was awesome to discover this.





Once back in the hotel, we got the booze in the fridge and got comfortable…a LOT more comfortable. (I need a break from that damn man-girdle every now and then.)  You can see a blurry hint of the top of my new surgery scar if you look close and squint.



Here’s a close up of my cool boo boo band-aid on my abdomen, covering a sore spot where the tape from my incision bandages did a number on my skin.



It’s been a great first day. We plan to explore nearby Kennebunkport tomorrow, then have dinner and see the show tomorrow night.

Wish you were here.