A Life in the Day

Just another day today. Work has grown increasingly unpleasant but I have no options, so I just go in and get through each day, one day at a time. However, I always look forward to getting picked up by my husband at the end of the day and heading home to Breen Acres to see my puppy, Harvey, so the day always ends well.

Yesterday, after 2 days of heavy rain, we woke to discover a puddle on our dining room table and water dripping through the light fixture directly above it. Hubby called a roofing professional who came and assessed the problem: flashing and shingles missing near the dormer window above the dining room. Roof guy gave us an estimate to repair it, an amount that was unpleasant but doable, so he came by today and did the fix. Hopefully, that’s the end of our roofing problems for now.

Tonight we took a drive with Harvey to pick up some Chinese food. Once home, we tried to eat outside on the patio while Harvey ran around and played in the yard, but it was too cold and we only lasted a few minutes before giving up and coming inside.

Harvey continues to struggle with housebreaking, still often attempting to go inside, which we usually catch but not always. He almost seems to have backslid a little. We’ll have to discuss with the trainer, Saturday.

As I said, just another day.