Filling in the gaps

What’s been going on in my world the last two days?

Friday I worked and met a friend for lunch on Lark Street.

It’s Gay Pride week in Albany, so Lark businesses are hanging out the rainbow flags:

Friday night I went out on the town with my friend Tony for a tragic night of bad bar hopping.

Saturday morning, I was woken with puppy kisses!

After waking me up and making me get out of bed to take him out to pee and then come in and play with every toy he owns (he’s spoiled, he has tons of them)

he tired himself out and curled up for a nap in my lap.


The day was not to bad so we headed to nearby Peeble’s Island for a walk around the trails.

Hubby Jeffrey helping Harvey over a giant mud pit.

Me and the pup posing by the banks of the Hudson River

These were two of the five different deer we saw on our walk.

When we got home, Jeffrey showered while I gave Harvey a bath in the bathroom sink.

This is post bath, looking a bit disheveled and distraught.

After a quick dry off, then a wrap in a nice warmed towel, Harvey finally stopped shaking and settled down.

I ran out a little later and was stopped by the family of geese that live on a  near by pond.

These Geese often stop traffic as the casually wander across the road. There are about 10 more behind them.

Fortunately, all the locals know them and know to look for their crossings on this busy corner.

Tonight, we are dragging ourselves out to meet friends at some dance party at Rocks.

Tomorrow: The Albany pride Parade.