Wicked Men

After a 2 hour drive, dinner, and cocktails, I got to see “Wicked” last night for the fourth time, with my two favorite fellas, Jim and Jeffrey.

My Wicked Awesome Men


It was playing at the Bushnell theater in downtown Hartford, CT. We had a great time and I loved it as much the fourth time around. (“That’s what HE said.”)

Bear-ly finished

I finally finished crocheting the Bear Pride Colors hat and scarf set I started last spring.


I’ve had my second knitting lesson (technically my 4th if you count one lesson each from visiting bloggers Jay and Ann Marie) and I’m starting to get the hang of it, I think. I just hope I don’t try to half-double stitch when I try to pearl two.

So there you are

Life has been quite busy, of late, and I have not had much time to sit and share my thoughts or goings on. Work has me very busy as I am being bombarded with new information, responsibilities, projects and obligations on a daily basis. Some days I am exhilarated by the newness and exciting chaos of it all; some days I am overwhelmed and worried I am in over my head. But when storms rage around you, you just have to focus on the direction you’re going and keep pushing through until the storm passes, or until you pass through the storm. I will keep doing my best and try hard to learn the job and do well at it.

I have been to the gym a couple days a week for 2 weeks now. I do plan on going more often, as I get acclimated, but I am easing into it. I haven’t done any regular exercise (weight training or aerobics) on a regular basis, in almost two years, so I am starting slowly. I don’t want to do more damage than good. Weight loss has been a little frustrating, though. I seem to be stuck at a 14 pound loss. I am examining my eating and exercise to try to figure out what I need to adjust to jump start the weight loss again; but I’m not deterred and have no plans of giving up on my goals.

I have also begun purging my house. I have committed to keeping our house from becoming a clutter-fuck of unnecessary items and boxes and bins of stored stuff we neither want nor need. I am not a fan of adding to the garbage piles and receptacles that are already overwhelming our communities and planet, or discarding perfectly good items just because we no longer want them; nor am I in the habit of trying to sell things – I believe we could all be a little more generous and “pay it forward/pass it on” as often as we can, so I have no need to take other people’s money for my cast-offs. If I cannot repurpose items for use in my home or honestly justify holding onto them for practical reasons, I try to give away those items by word of mouth, donating, or utilizing on-line communities like Freecycle or Craig’s List. I am always happy to see our items go to people who want or need them. Most things get swooped up quickly, as there’s always someone who needs something. A few things take more work to find homes for, but if you look long enough, you’ll find someone who will use it and appreciate it. It feels good to free up space in our home, reduce clutter, and help others out.

Between the job, the gym, the house re-organizing, bowling and other sundry life responsibilities, I am managing to have a little fun, (though not nearly enough) relax a little, and spend time with my favorite dudes and dogs. I am also taking another shot at learning to knit (Woo-hoo!)

It is not a life to wow the paparazzi or impress the masses. No one will write books about it, produce a movie or Broadway show of it, sing songs about it, or compose sonnets extolling the virtues it. But it suits me just fine and I’m content.