Raining Terror

We had a pretty terrifying experience tonight.

We headed out to dinner in a nearby city. En route to the place we were planning to have dinner, a storm brewed. Within minutes we went from a clear sky to what I can only describe as a near monsoon. The rain was so severe we could barely see 5 feet in front of us. The winds were so harsh, that traffic lights, trees, and even some cars were being blown side to side. The roads instantly flooded and some cars were driving through several feet of water. Several streetlights went dark and it was like traffic anarchy. I don’t know if we were in more danger from the severe rain, wind and lack of vision, or the haphazard and dangerous way people were driving.

I was so scared I was near tears. Jeffrey was able to maneuver us into a parking lot where we parked and waited out the storm. Although I was quite shaken and ready to go home, we were very close to the restaurant and decided to have dinner anyway.

A couple of our friends accepted our last-minute invite, so it turned out to be a nice evening after all.

We’re both home safe and sound now, but I’m still a bit shaken from the evening’s events.

End Game

Today is my last day at home before returning to work tomorrow. It is a bitter sweet time. I am glad to be putting the past few months behind me and looking forward to being more consistently healthy and, if I’m lucky, never having another surgery. I am also glad to be almost completely back to normal, as far as activity goes, with just some avoidance of heavy lifting for a while longer. I am not thrilled to be returning to my daily cubicle, but it is a necessary evil to have the life we have and do the things we do. I am also very sad to have to leave my dogs every day, again. The time I have gotten to spend with them has been a silver lining in the dark clouds of my recovery, and I imagine I will have some separation anxiety to deal with for a while.

Rather than sit and sulk the day away, I decided to be super productive, the way people like me are when it’s the final hour and deadlines are looming.  I probably did more projects today than I have done in 8 weeks. Besides laundry, dishes, dusting and sweeping, I also reorganized our cupboards and buffets to make room for this nifty new set of dishes we bought in Lake Placid this past weekend:


This led to sorting and organizing our linens (table clothes, napkins and runners) candles, and coasters. Then I re-sorted my towel closets, our bedroom closet, and the bed linen closet upstairs. Then I moved all the medical supplies we’ve been using from our master bathroom to the guest bathroom (aka, “the pharmacy”.) Then I re-alphebetized all our DVDs and cleaned out and sorted a few drawers. Then I took the door of the comic book room crawl space and used our jigsaw to trim a half an inch of the bottom (yeah, I just typed that) so the door wouldn’t scrape across the carpeting, as it has done since we moved in. Then I had to vacuum all the saw dust off the back porch. Then I put the door back on its hinges, and put a shelf up in the comic book room before heading back down stairs to finish up some odds and ends.

While I was doing all of this, I was composing blog posts about building homes and families. Then I decided to do two separate posts: one about homes, one about families. Now I am not writing about either.

My doctor’s appointment is in 2 hours. I will get my “walking papers” which I will need to return to work tomorrow. Jim will get home from India at the end of the week. I won’t be seeing him for another week, but I’m glad he’ll at least be back in the country and only a couple hours away. Jeffrey has texted me and promised to have tacos ready for dinner when I get home. Harvey and Rita Mae are laying quietly on my lap, unaware that this time together is coming to an end.

All in all, I’m thinking the good far outweighs the bad in my life.




Great Galaxies!


My comic book store, Earthworld Comics, sponsored a contest on Facebook to win free passes to see the recently released Marvel Comics based movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.” I entered and, lo and behold, one two free passes. There were a few downsides:

  • The showing we won passes to was at 10:00pm, about an hour past our usual bedtime.
  • The showing was on a Thursday night. Although I’m still out of work for a few more days, Jeffrey is not.
  • The movie was at a mall I try to avoid like the plague, as it is patronized mostly by teenagers.
  • This is opening weekend, which we normally avoid because we hate the lines and crowds.

Regardless, we decided to “man up” and take advantage of the free passes, and prove to ourselves we weren’t as old and fuddy-duddy as we think we are. (Although, as a precaution, Jeffrey took today off.)

We loaded up on caffiene and headed to the mall. The ONE plus to this mall is that it houses the Apple store, which we needed to visit prior to the movie. My comic store owner (JC) showed up at 9:00 PM and gave us tickets to the 10:00 showing, which we found out was the 3-D/IMAX show. We’ve seen 3-D movies before, but never in an IMAX theater. Normally, we would be perfectly content in the cheaper, 2-D/non-IMAX version, but these were free. We had to stand in line for 45 minutes, something I’m normally loathe to do, but in for a penny, in for a pound.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the theater was not filled to capacity. Also, the theater has 3 sets of seats in the very back, separated by large spaces for people in wheel chairs. We plunked down in the middle set. I prefer seats along the back, as I have a thing for people sitting behind me. I also loved that there was space between us and the other two pairs of seats to our left and our right (I should note, we would have gladly given up our seats in a  heartbeat had any one showed up with someone in a  wheel chair and wanted them, but no one did.)

I am not a GOTG aficionado. I have never read their comic and do not know a ton about their history. I am familiar with them in the Marvel Universe of Comics and have read a few stories that featured them, but I am by no means an expert, so I had very few expectations going in. I was a little concerned about how campy it might be, due to the portrayals in the previews, but I was mostly happy to be seeing it for free with hubby.

We really enjoyed the movie. A lot. SO much so that we may go back and see it again. It was the perfect blend of comic book, sic-fi, humor, drama and even a little emotional heart string pulling, to boot. My two favorite characters (big surprise) were Rocket (aka Racket Raccoon) and Groot. And we love 80’s music, so loved all of the featured songs from that decade. Lots of great characters I know from the comics, and the post credit snippet was a great comic geek moment, although not essential to the movie or it’s sequel in any way. (Or is it?)

I will just say it was, I guess, kind of neat to see it in 3-D and in an IMAX theater, but I just don’t think it enhances the experience enough to justify the (what would have been if we paid for it) extra cost. Just my opinion. Still, it was a great movie and a fun and free night out. (If you decide to see it, Ray, I’d love to read your take on it.)

Definitely in my top 5 favorite Marvel Movies.