Belated Celebration

We are on the road to Manchester VT for the weekend for our official Anniversary celebration. We’ll be staying at an Inn we’ve never stayed at before and have reservations at two restaurants we’ve never eaten at before, with a jaunt to the outlets and shops to fill the time in between. We’re very excited for this little weekend adventure, and to celebrate our Anniversary in style.

Thanks for all the congrats, gang!

Marry-ly we go along…

15 Years ago, today, Jeffrey and I swapped rings and made a joint decision to walk (stumble?) through life together. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt confident that whatever life threw at us, we could and would handle it together. I am amazed at all we have survived and achieved together, and at the bond we have formed.

In many ways, we have veered off the beaten path, and we’ve certainly been making it up as we go along, but somehow, we’ve made it all work. He continues to amaze me with his unconditional love and support, and I do my best to show my appreciation and gratitude and to never take him for granted. Beyond that, I just keep my fingers crossed that he never wises up and realized he got the short end of the stick with me ;-)

Oh we ain’t got a barrel of money
Maybe we’re ragged and funny
But we’ll travel along singin’ our song side by side

Don’t know what’s comin’ tomorrow
Maybe it’s trouble and sorrow
But we’ll travel the road sharin’ our load side by side

Through all kinds of weather
What if the sky should fall?
Just so long as we’re together
It doesn’t matter at all

When they’ve all had their quarrels and parted
We’ll be the same as we started
Just travlin’ along singin’ our song side by side.

Fall Away

Much like any season or situation in our lives, there are often good and bad components of the season change. As you saw in my picture yesterday, the leaves have begun to transition here in New York, even as the days get shorter and the temps will eventually dip (although they’re staying fairly warm, thus far.) I am not looking forward to the dark and cold and ice and snow, but I can and do still enjoy the passage from summer to winter. The leaves are beautiful and even the cityscapes can’t hide the colors, especially when the setting sun reflects the orange, yellow and red tapestry of trees so spectacularly between the buildings and along the sides of the roads, and much more openly as you get a bit more rural, outside of the cities proper.

I have to confess to favoring Autumn a bit. Besides the heretofore mentioned comely colors of the leaves, I actually love the cooler temperatures and the evening twilights. I love the sound of the leaves skittering across the driveway and the way shadows lengthen across the neighborhood. There is much to look forward to, if you acknowledge and or celebrate the various holidays and events that happen in the latter part of the year. Even if you don’t, this time of year rarely leaves us unaffected, as there is an acute (perhaps unconscious?) awareness of the cycle of the sun, earth, and nature, as the leaves and grass and animals we so look forward to seeing in the spring, bid us a silent and subtle adieu as they slowly disappear, drop or otherwise fade away into the dens and surface of the earth. I sometimes wonder if this season brings glumness to so many because, on some level, it reminds us that all things must come to an end, no matter how hard we try to distract ourselves from the inevitability of finality. I believe it can also serve as an important contrast, reminding us to appreciate the fleeting springs and summers, the mid-year vacations and get aways, the relatively easier travel conditions and afternoons spent in our yards or on the beach or just outside at lunch. Things, relationships, situations, people, pets….nothing in our life is forever…one way or another it all ends, so enjoy it as you can and will, while it lasts.

After all, what else can you do?

Giraffe to have more than one

Last summer, we repainted and redecorated our bedroom. I fell in love with this Giraffe (the tall one) at Pier I, and the colors were perfect for our room so we bought it. Since that initial purchase, my appeal for the Giraffe has grown, and I have since added several to the house, including two little fellows to keep this guy company:


You may recall I bought this guy (we named “Moof”) in Ogunquit, this past summer, while there for my surprise birthday getaway:


This collection is a combination of gifts and purchases here and there:


This little guy was purchased a couple weeks ago at a local Home Goods store. I love him:


This Mask was purchased this last weekend during a local Farmer’s market:


I also have a collection of stuffed Giraffes upstairs in my comic book room: Left to Right are Geronimo, Goody, Abacus, Morpheous, Gurdy, Placid and the little guy in Front is Piers. (They are all named in relation to where they were purchased.)


This little collection has grown, thanks to the indulgences of Jeffrey and Jim, who now keep their eyes out for more pieces to add to my growing collection. I’m not quite sure where this appreciation for Giraffes has come from, as I don’t recall them attracting much attention from me before, but I’m definitely loving my new collection and I anticipate adding to the collection along the way. I may even have to commission the good Doctor Spo for a Giraffe Print Shirt to go with my new little buddies…it would definitely be a tall order. *snicker*