The New Normal

I had the closest thing to a normal weekend so far, thanks to these two guys:



Jim and I had dinner and spent the night in Lennox, MA last night. Today, we explored nearby Lee and Lenox Center, two cute little towns, where we had lunch and shopped a bit.

When I got home, Jeffrey and I caught up on our last evenings, then headed out to pick up my comics and meet our friend, Mark, for cocktails and dinner (and some more light shopping) at a local restaurant and mall.

Despite being a little sore and very tired, it was wonderful to be out of the house and spending time with the men in my life.

I’m a lucky fellow indeed.

Memories, all alone in the blogosphere

I have been far too unproductive today. I had plans. Big plans. Project. Destinations. Goals.  But I have done nothing of true substance. Although I am still being careful and am limited with what I can lift and how much I can bend, I can still get up and around, drive and be productive. My motors running, but I just can’t take my foot off the break and get moving. It doesn’t help that my two beautiful puppies are snuggled in and sound asleep n my lap.

I started editing my past blog posts. I used to be on Blogger, then transferred my blog to WordPress. When I did that, I lost all of the photos associated with many of my posts, so many of them make no sense without the pictures attached to them. I have started deleting some that are nonsensical and cleaning up the others that are littered with odd characters like “>” and “&” and have had the formats mussed with. I am also adding tags, something I used to do but stopped for some reason. It’s nice to be able to search my posts for certain topics. Unfortunately, even after deleting hundreds of pic specific posts that no longer had pics, I still have over 2,000 posts to review and edit. I have no true idea how many posts I have actually written since I started blogging because of the deletions. Oh, well.

It is sad to look back through the posts and see so many names and faces who are no longer part of my life. It is also an interesting record of how much my life has changed, for the better and/or for the worse. As a blogger, I most miss the other bloggers I once used to interact with, perhaps even called friend, that I no longer do. But the past is the past. One thing I have noticed: my attitudes and views have not changed much, if at all. I still agree with so much of what I have written in the past, and would say and do the same things all over again.

The bottom line is that I am pretty content and happy with who, where and what I am now, and all the people and events and choices I have made have brought me here, so I can’t honestly regret any of them without regretting where I am today. And I don’t.

Maybe I’ll get up and get moving. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just sit here and re-read some more old posts, look through some old photos, stir up some memories and think about where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

And maybe make a sandwhich.

Primped Puppy, Poked Puppy

Harvey had a vet appointment today to get his vaccinations. We always try to take both dogs, even when only one has an appointment, as I think it comforts them to be together.

Rita Mae got her nails trimmed and her ears clean. Here she is, post primp, waiting for her little brother to get his shots.


Poor Harvey is completely wiped out after having blood drawn (for routine testing) and two vaccination shots. He was very brave and did not whimper or cry at all, but it really knocked him out. He got a big treat when he got home and lots of love and now he is sleeping heavily.


I hope he has a great sleep and wakes up tomorrow his normal, exuberant, scampy self!