Back in the (bowling) game


We re-joined a bowling league last Thursday. The last time I bowled on a league was December, 2013. We left the LGBT league we were in, as we got tired of bowling on Sunday nights and the location was quite out of the way for us. I had planned to join the second half of the season with a straight league we had bowled on once before, but when I found out about all the surgeries I had coming up in 2014, and all the health issues I was having, I reconsidered. I did go to a bowling tournament in February 2014, but the rest of my year was bowl free. To prepare a little bit to rejoin a league, I have been Wii bowling at home, which I think did help a little.

I did OK last week. I bowled with my 12 lb ball. I had been bowling with my 14 lb ball for years, but erred on the side of caution as I still have some lingering pain and soreness from my double hernia surgeries this past June. I did OK last week, but only bowled over average 2 out of 3 games. Last night, our second night of bowling, I tried bowling with my 14 lb. ball, but it was too much and I felt the uncomfortable strain of trying to throw it down the lane, so back to the 12 lb. I went. Although I did pretty poorly overall (bowled under average twice), I had a great time. I did not enjoy myself much the first time I bowled in this league, perhaps because we were new and it was my first time bowling with a non-gay league. (For the record, we are 2 of 5 openly gay men in this leaguer, another two of which are a couple and basically run the league.) But I’ve enjoyed myself more the last two bowling nights. Perhaps because we know more people there now; perhaps because I’ve been through a lot the last year and am just in a better place, physically in mentally; or perhaps because I’m still in promotion after-glow. Whatever the reason, I’m having fun (despite my poor performance) and that’s what counts.

FYI: Day one of my new position was OK. They haven’t moved my computer and phone from my prior location, so I spent the day setting up my new desk,  meeting my new co-workers and cubicle mates, and reading about a calculations model I will be responsible for learning and applying. A pretty easy first day, but I’d much rather be working and not killing time. I’m better with Idle Eyes than Idle Hands.

Up, Up and Away

Yesterday I ended my stint in the job I had started only 9 months ago, in December 2013. This is the sign that greeted me when I got to work:



Per the note above, several of my superhero figures had gone missing. This was my reply:



My work group took me out to lunch and surprised me with a couple parting gifts: a devil’s mask (because I’m “the devil” to them, now that I’m leaving them behind); a bag of chocolates (I kept a bowl of chocolates on my desk for my co-workers); and a bag of superhero office supplies for my new desk (pen, pad, wipe off board, posters, etc.). It all came with a signed card that was very sweet. This office has been good to me, especially through my surgeries this past year, and I am sorry to leave them behind. They appreciated my sense of humor and we had a lot of laughs. However, they understand that it’s a big promotion and I wanted to move up, so they were very understanding and congratulatory.

This morning, I head to my new desk and job (only fifty feet to the right of where I was until yesterday.) I only have a rough idea of what I’ll be doing, but I am looking forward to learning a new  area of my agency and proving I am the right person for this position. It is always a little nerve wracking being “the new guy” at a job and enduring those first few weeks when you stumble around, learning the ropes and becoming a productive member of the team, but I’ll muddle through it and get where I need to be as soon as possible. It’s a wonderful opportunity and I am more excited than nervous. I try hard to get along with everyone and I hope I fit in well with the new team.

I am putting out a bowl of chocolates, though, just in case.

Popping In

Life continues to be quite hectic, but I wanted to pop in to say “still here, just busy.”

It was a super weekend. Went shopping with Jim in Connecticut on Saturday, despite the suffocating humidity and heat, then shopped more with Jeffrey, back home, on Sunday, for all sorts of odds n’ ends n’ oodles. There were meals, cocktails, and conversations along the way. life is good, and I’ve been enjoying it to the hilt.

Two fun purchases:


a bunch of superhero x-mas ornaments from Toys R Us (plus one Eeyore, for good measure)

photo 1



and a Batman night light


photo 2



I have 3 days remaining in my current job and office, then I’m “Movin’ on up” on Thursday to bigger and better things in my new Unit and position. A little bit of “Yikes”,  a whole lot of “Yippee!”

I’m behind on my blot hopping, but I’ll get caught up soon and I look forward to finding out what you’ve all been up to while I’ve been otherwise occupied.

Peace, Love and Pride


Fantastic Foursome



We have been having a great time with Richard and Serge in Ogunquit, Maine. The conversation and cocktails have not stopped flowing since we arrived Friday night. The weather has been perfect (although a bit hot and muggy today) and we have explored every inch of the town together and had more than our fare share of edibles. Despite all the great places to go and things to see here, perhaps our best time was had sitting with the guys in front of the outdoor fire pit last night, sharing our stories, trials and tribulations with each other. It is great to be able to open up to each other and grow closer through our shared experiences.

Today. we got to meet two of their friends, Erick and James, who were really nice guys. We hope to be attending Camp camp next year, in Maine, with all of them.

Here we all are on the Marginal Way…not a bad looking group of guys, if I do say so myself:


I am really enjoying our growing friendship with these great guys and I’m so glad we got to have this weekend and time together. Just another example of how bogging has brought great people into our lives.

Tonight is our last night here before heading home tomorrow morning. It will be sad to say good-bye, but comforting to know we will be seeing them again in the not too distant future.

It has been a great weekend, indeed.



We’re off to Ogunquit, ME for the weekend. We’re meeting up With blogger buddy Richard/Tornwordo from Sticky Crows and his hubby, Serge. (Yay!)

Although this weekend was planned before I knew about my promotion, it’s an awesome way to celebrate it, none the less!

Was also glad to get to chat via FaceTime with blogger buddy Wayne “the Cajun” over at On Transmigration, yesterday. That man is rocking his beard – woof – and was amazingly perky considering how craptastic things have been for him lately! Truly inspiring.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’m definitely feeling the love – well, maybe groping the love is more accurate!