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I have a confession to make…my dogs rule my world. They have me wrapped around their little paws, and any time they want something from me, they get it.

When I need to do chores, I get side tracked because Harvey wants to play ball. When I need to run errands, I stay home because Rita gives me the sad eyes and whimpers. When I want to blog or read comics, I skip it, because the pups want to snuggle on my lap.

I do, somehow, manage to get to work each day, run errands, and get things done around the house, but only through sheer force of will. And, the truth is, I don’t mind, because for every ounce of affection I give these two, they return it a hundred-fold.

So, the laundry can sit, the blog can wait, the errands can be done later…I have some puppy love to indulge in.


Sonic Boom

Jim and I took Jeffrey to the Kingston area this weekend as part of Jeffrey’s birthday celebration. The reason we chose Kingston is because it has a Sonic, which is Jeffrey’s favorite burger joint.

Well, I should say HAD a Sonic.

We headed out around 9:30 am Saturday morning and got to the Kingston Waterfront around 11:00am. We had never been there, but had read on the web that there were shops and restaurants so we thought it was a good place to spend the morning until lunch. It was not quite the “down town shopping mecca” the web had described it as, but it was quaint and it was fun to explore a new area none the less. We headed to Sonic for lunch, only to have our hearts sink as we pulled into an empty lot. Apparently, Sonic closed down and we never got the memo. This was a major bummer, as the whole weekend was informed by the plans for lunch at Sonic. We were troopers, and after a moment of teary silence, we moved onto Rhinebeck for lunch, cocktails and more shopping. Then we headed back into Kingston and hit all our favorite stores – Pier I, Home Goods, Target, Michael’s and Bed Bath & Beyond – before checking into the hotel and chilling out for a bit. Then we went to a less then spectacular dinner at Olive Garden, and ended the evening with cocktails back in our room. We got home today around 10:00 am, said good-bye to Jim around 2:00, and spent the remainder of the day  in quiet repose with the dogs.

It wasn’t quite the weekend I had hoped for, for Jeffrey, but we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves despite some of the disappointments.

Que Sera Sera.



As I let my dogs out this morning, I became brutally aware that we have begun the fast decline into colder darker days. The chill of the early morning air rippled through my spine as I strained to watch the dogs scattering off into the yard, through the thick darkness of a morning untouched by the early rays of a waking sun. Soon there will be snow and cold and ice and the summer will be forgotten, almost as quickly as it passed. Perhaps it’s a sign of my age that the warmer months seem to zoom by faster each year, especially this year. Perhaps it was the arduous surgeries that robbed me of enjoying more of summer this year.  Perhaps it is the shortened warm seasons and extended cold seasons that the Northeast offers as global warming wreaks havoc with our weather patterns and temperatures. Or, perhaps I have just grown more fond of the light and warmth and more contemptuous of the cold and dark in my later years. Whatever it is, I felt a surge of sadness standing there in the frigid, inky air. There are many wonderful things  about the winter season, but I’ll be damned if I could conjure one of them this morning as I watched the dogs dart back inside, to their warm beds, and I closed the door behind me, not quite managing to completely shut out the cold and dark that loomed just beyond the threshold.

Happy Birthday Husband!


Today is my husband Jeffrey’s birthday. Rather than a single event, I’ve planned several nights of events to celebrate the occasion, including dinner plans with various people and a little road trip the bf Jim and I are taking him on this weekend.  Although Jeffrey is a far less ostentatious than I am, he deserves recognition and celebration none the less. Today may be his day, but it’s just as important to me, because knowing him and being with him has changed my life beyond what words can convey.

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!