Warning: this may actually be too much cuteness for the human heart to endure

Harvey ought to be in pictures…


I was supposed to go visit Jim in Connecticut this weekend, but the intravenous antibiotic schedule ruined those plans, so Jim came to see me, instead. When he got here Friday after work, he helped me shave my head and shower (a little hard to do with one arm Saran wrapped) which helped me feel more like my old self. When Jeffrey got home, he gave me my 4th IV infusion. Then I made them homemade macaroni & cheese and a tossed salad for dinner, and cake and coffee for dessert.

After dinner, Jim and I headed to the basement to hang out and watch TV.

Jim is an arctophile, and felt I needed a proper teddy bear myself, so he got me one as a get well gift the last time I was in the hospital, which he appropriately named Theodore.

After this series of photos, I suspect Jim was more excited about visiting Theodore than he was about visiting me:






Could he be more adorable?

This morning, we all hung out and had coffee and donuts (which Jim graciously went and got, perhaps due to some badgering and whining from me) and watched bad TV until Jim had to head back to CT.

After Jim left, Jeffrey and I ran some errands, then came home and did my 5th and final IV infusion (yay.) Unfortunately, the PICC line stays in until my surgery Monday at 7:30 am. So, with plastic tubes protruding from my arm and the weather being damp and cold, we decided to stay in and enjoy a quiet evening at home in front of the fire with the pups!


And so, we wrap up another day at Breen Acres.

Ponderings on a Gloomy Friday

*I am grateful that I do not have to sit on a metal folding chair in CVS, in front of other customers, at the counter, and argue with a creditor on the phone about why there is no money left on my charge card that I was trying to use to buy cigarettes and chocolate. Although, even when I had no money, I still had enough self respect not to do this.

* I wish there was a peaceful place to relax on my lunch hour, away from my desk. It is still too cold to sit in my car and to messy/snowy to go for a walk (my preferred refuges), the break rooms are full of people, and the vending room that I have recently been taking refuge in is no longer peaceful because the machines are on the blink and now I have to listen as people curse at the vending machines every time they put money in and get nothing back. (My favorite? The person today who yelled "That’s the third time this week!" Some people take longer to learn, I suppose.)

* Some people have (what should be) private conversations on their phones at work, with no attempt to keep their voices down or be discrete, and no care whatsoever that we are all hearing their "business," not to mention we get to hear their "colorful" language. I wonder why this is allowed to continue or why people have no problem doing this? (It’s a daily event here.)

* It’s 2014. Are there really people who have no figure out how to turn the sounds off on their phone or at least turn the volume down when they’re at work or in public places? really?

* Some medical professionals should learn to ask "Are you available, at 10:30am on any given day of the week?" instead of assuming one is or will be. There are actually some people in this world that are not independently wealthy and/or retired full time who can’t just show up wherever, whenever as often as they please.

* Don’t tell people that you won’t feel any discomfort from a PICC line once it’s placed. This is not true.

*If eating Jelly Beans for a meal is unacceptable, why do they keep selling them to me?

*Why is it that, if someone wants to have a third kid, no one ever says "You’re crazy! Don’t do it! It’ll cost too much! It’ll be too much work!" But if you want to rescue/adopt a third dog, they do say all that crap?

*I heard on the radio today that people are earning a living playing video games while people watch them on live, streaming video. Can I earn a living reading comic books while people watch me on live, streaming video? If so, do I have to wear pants?

*Someone should tell "nudist lifestyle" magazines that not all nudists are young, buff men. I’m just saying.

*If you only want heterosexual people in your comic book group on Facebook and Google+, just say that in your group description. Don’t make me feel unwelcome as if I should have just assumed that your group is only for "straight" guys and super-babe booby worship.

*Where have all the flowers gone? Where did they go?

Pole Dancers and Sock Puppets

The visiting nurse came to my house today around 4:30pm to set up my medical supplies and show me and Jeffrey how to connect my IV and flush my lines so I can give myself infusion drips for the next 3 days. I was relieved to find out we can self-administer my next 3 doses. That means no waiting around until they show up or awkwardly making small talk for 30-45 minutes with a strange nurse-lady.

I can’t decide what my favorite part is:

The super cool pole I hang my medicine bag from or the tube sock with the toe cut out I have to wear over the exterior tips of the catheter to protect them from getting snagged or pulled.

You decide!



PICC-ing on me


I stayed home from work today and spent the majority of the day at St. Peter’s Hospital, where I got a PICC line inserted (ouch), my first of 5 IV antibiotic infusions and went through another round of pre-admission testing ( urine samples, blood drawn, EKG.)

Then we came home to wait for the supply guy to show up and drop off my Infusion supplies for the visiting home nurse to use when he/she comes to the house for the next 4 days.

I’m exhausted, sore and, to be honest, a bit cranky.

I did my best to stay in high spirits all day and posted on Facebook throughout the day to try to keep from getting too ornery. I thought I was “killing it” but either people have stopped following my posts or I’m only a funny in my own head.

Here’s a sample of what you missed.

Try not to laugh your arses off.


Marching On

I am extremely happy – or, more accurately, relieved – that tomorrow is April 1st and we’re leaving March behind. I’m not sure why, exactly. I guess with the excess of non-productivity and lack of excitement and adventure my life has become recently, reaching the end of another month is what passes as an accomplishment, these days, for me. I know it puts us a bit closer to the time when things may start drying out and warming up, and that time can’t come soon enough. It also means I’ve managed to stay at my job another month, maintain the household another month and stay alive another month. (Hey, you take your achievements where you find ‘em.)

I talked with Jeffrey this weekend about my extreme unhappiness with my job, from the daily drives to and from work, to the lack of interest in the work I’m doing. Even though the office environment is better than where I was before (thankfully), the “honeymoon” period has worn off and the realization has sunk in that I’m not all that much happier now, at work, than I was 4 months ago. We agreed that now is not the time to attempt to make changes, as I have two more surgeries to get through, but once I’m through all of those and back on my feet, physically, we will re-assess where we are financially and what my options are as far as looking for something closer to home and, more importantly, more fulfilling. I took an Agency-wide State exam two weeks ago, so that may open a lot more doors for me in the near future, assuming I did well enough to be reachable for interviews as positions in other agencies become available. I know I’d be happiest to leave my 9-5 office life behind and become a full time house husband and domestic goddess, but that’s not a realistic option for me/us at this time, so the best I can do is try to find something closer to home and more fulfilling.

Who knows, maybe this is all just Seasonal Adjustment Disorder and Health-Issue related, and I’ll be all perky and pleased come August/September with some months of warmth and sunlight under my belt and all my procedures behind me. I know better than to rush into making major life changing decisions when I’m in the middle of health hullabaloo. But it helps to be honest about how I’m feeling, to myself and my loved ones. In the meantime, I’ll embrace the new month with as much hope and optimism as I can muster, that things will get better and the clouds of doom and gloom will part eventually.

Or, maybe I’ll just buy more comics and adopt another puppy :-)


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