For your consideration


“Pray all you want – heaven can’t hear you. It’s not going to stop the winter because you are cold, and it’s not going to make the earth smaller because you don’t want to walk so far. You pray for rain and it rains, but your prayer has nothing to do with it. Sometimes you don’t pray and it rains anyway. What do you say then? If you act wisely, good things tend to happen. Act like fool and bad things tend to happen. Don’t thank or curse heaven – it’s just the natural result of your own actions. If you want to have a better life, educate yourself and think carefully about the consequences of your actions.”

― Xun Zi 312230 BCE

Burned Balls

I’m kind of burned out on bowling. Having to leave the house every Thursday in the dark, frigid temperatures and staying up late is really taxing my waning congeniality. We’ve been bowling on a league consistently for 8 years, and we’ll be attending our 5th tournament next weekend (which we really are looking forward to.) It’s been fun for most of it, and we will always enjoy recreational bowling with friends, but the weekly obligation has become more burdensome then entertaining and we find ourselves having to push ourselves to return every week while we’re counting down the weeks until our current season is done (20 down, 12 to go.) So, we’re going to take a year off and spend our time and money on other things. If we miss it, we can always rejoin a league in the future, but I suspect it may just have run its course and it’s time for us to bag up our balls and bowling shoes and call it a day.

The Truth Hurts

“Truth is harsh and cruel. It’s not nuanced or open to interpretation. It just is. There’s no illusion to it, but there is the delusion that the truth is always good.”

Ares, Greek God of War, Wonder Woman, Issue 34, DC Comics

Snow Day

Well, we got hit with more snow, and it was a big storm this time. About 12-14 inches fell throughout the day. We made two attempts at getting up the hill to the main road, to no avail, so we called into work, cancelled my Remicade Infusion appointment, and settled in for a day by the fire with the pups. We watched two movies today: “Pride“, which was a FANTASTIC movie, and “Oy Vey My Son is Gay“, which was a real stinker! Then we got caught up on some recorded shows on our DVR (“Arrow” and “Flash”).

Throughout the day, we shoveled and snow blowed to keep the snow from piling up too high.

Jeffrey working the snow blower and looking fierce doing it.


It was a much needed day of peace and respite.

Knit Picking


Tonight my friend David is coming over for what has become our weekly dinner, wine & knitting night. I started (for the third time) learning to knit 3 months ago. This will be my 5th knitting lesson from David. He’s very patient and easy going, which is helpful because I am having a really tough time getting the hang of it. I’m constantly dropping stitches or messing something up. I think all the wine may be interfering with my knitting, so I’m going to have to quit knitting. (Ba Dump Bump – Chhhhhhhhh!) Seriously, it is really balking me, but I’m determined to get it and appreciate all of Dave’s assistance. I hope to have a scarf done before I kick the bucket.