Happy-less New Year

10027ccfb5a10f87a3580d407d39ea1bIt wasn’t the New Year’s Eve I had planned for.

Jim and Ken came with the dogs from Connecticut. We had reservations at a local restaurant, to be followed by noshing and cocktailing and playing games before watching the ball drop, bringing in the New Year at midnight with champagne.  However, instead of bringing in the New Year laughing, imbibing, eating and having a nice night with the guys, I spent the better part of the day in pain, nauseaus, and unable to eat or drink anything. It was a very unfortunate time to get an intestinal attack, as I’m prone to quoting, and all too often experiencing, life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

I’ve grown used to missing out and changing plans because of my illness, but no matter how disappointing and frustrating it is for me, it always feels ten times worse when I screw up other people’s plans, holidays and celebrations. Despite reassurances that everyone understood, it doesn’t change the fact that the evening was ruined, again, because of my health. I try not to let my disease rule my life, but its hard to take risks when its other people’s plans that are impacted, too.

Not a very auspicious start to what I was hoping would be a more healthy year ahead.

Happy New Year.


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Thought for food


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Green with envy?

This is a 4 piece, hand-painted, some assembly required, limited edition, cold-cast in porcelain “Green Lantern: Legacy” statue that I got for Christmas. Jeffrey had to order a piece from three different locations to complete the set for me. As a life long Green Lantern fan, this gift induced Comic Geek Nirvana. Pictures do not do it justice!

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Snowman drinks alone 


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Merry Christmas 2015


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Twas the night before

I got all christmased up for Xmas eve breakfast and work today:

Jeffrey drove me to work, came and had lunch with me, then shiny out in my cubicle until it was time to go. It was cool.

We came home and took the dogs for their first ever New York Christmas Eve walk, in 70 degree weather:

When we got back, we finished up Christmas dinner and snack prep, then had dinner and watched “24 Nights.”

Next, we played holiday music and piled the gifts under the tree:

Now we’re enjoying a glass of wine and watching “Year without a Santa Claus” starting  my two favorite characters:

Then we’ll head to bed. Our poor puppies are just tuckered out from all the excitement:

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun!

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On the day before the night before Christmas


Since I am now eating gluten free, due to the discovery of a pesky gluten intolerance, and there aren’t any local gluten free bakeries, we had to bake all our own Christmas treats this year. Tonight, I baked brownies, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and blueberry muffins. We won’t know how they taste until Christmas Day, but they sure SMELL good. 

I work tomorrow, but the husband has the day off. We will start the morning with our Annual Christmas Eve tradition: breakfast at a random diner before work, where we’ll leave a huge tip for our unsuspecting wait person. Then hubby will drop me at work, but he’s coming back to have lunch with me. It remains to be seen if I’ll return to work or just head home after…either way, I look forward to a quiet Eve at home with  the decorations aglow, cuddling with the hubby and the dogs, watching our favorite holiday specials, having cocktails and wondering if Santa will bring us anything while we sleep.

I’ll leave him out some milk and a gluten free cookie, just in case. 

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Silent Night, Deadly Night

This past weekend, we headed to Connecticut to stay with Jim and Ken. We went out to dinner and saw a show Friday night, then got all dressed up fro Jim & ken’s Holiday party Saturday night. This is how we were looking and feeling at the party Saturday night:


However, we came home Sunday to a not-so-nice little welcome home gift: a stomach bug double whammy. Within an hour of being home, I started feeling awful, then Jeffrey followed suit within another hour. By last night, we were both in the throes of something  quote yucky. (Thankfully, we had two bathrooms.)

We both stayed home from work today.  I seem to have recovered faster and, although I’m not 100%, I’m closer to it than Jeffrey, who is still feeling pretty awful.

We’re hoping we both fully recover before Christmas Eve.

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Let’s play cards!

Of all our pretty decorations for the holidays, my favorite is our door of holiday cards:

I know many people think cards are passé, a waste of money and time, etc. and don’t send them. But I love sending out cards and getting them. It’s still a nice personal touch to say “Hey, we’re thinking about you this time of year.” This is a door full of thoughtfulness and it completes our holiday decor every year.

I’m fortunate to have many blogger friends on my card list. (Thank you to those who have sent cards!) If you’re a blogger buddy, and haven’t received a card from me, but you’d like to be on my holiday card list (reciprocation is not a requirement, but always welcome) send me your address at breenlantern@gmail.com. I’d love to add you to my card list.  It’s not too late for this year, if I get your address by Monday. After that, you’ll have to wait until next year. 

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Wonderful Words


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