Primped Puppy, Poked Puppy

Harvey had a vet appointment today to get his vaccinations. We always try to take both dogs, even when only one has an appointment, as I think it comforts them to be together.

Rita Mae got her nails trimmed and her ears clean. Here she is, post primp, waiting for her little brother to get his shots.


Poor Harvey is completely wiped out after having blood drawn (for routine testing) and two vaccination shots. He was very brave and did not whimper or cry at all, but it really knocked him out. He got a big treat when he got home and lots of love and now he is sleeping heavily.


I hope he has a great sleep and wakes up tomorrow his normal, exuberant, scampy self!

Expensive Taste



xman mm


I am looking for Volume 2 of “Marvel Masterworks Presents: The X-Men”, Soft Cover Edition (reprinting X-Men, Volume 1 Issues 11-21).

I have every other volume but, for some reason, this volume is going for hundreds of dollars. I paid about a hundred dollars, total, for the other 5 volumes in this set. Uggh!

Welcome to a collector’s hell!

Big Mac Attack

After my Inaugural Remicade Infusion yesterday, Jeffrey and I headed out to lunch at one of our favorite places to eat: The Standard, in Crossgates Mall. We have not been out to eat since my surgery and I figured Jeffrey deserved the treat after all he has done for me. I had mac & cheese (perhaps a portent of things to come?) It is possible we both had a cocktail. Sweet Peter, I forgot how divine a Cosmo was. This may have been a bad idea because, after lunch, we walked over to the Apple store “just to look around”, and the alcohol probably did not help our resolve to look but not buy. Once in the store, we headed right over to the Macbook Pros.

I have had the same Macbook Pro Laptop since we purchased it in 2006. It is a bit the worse for wear and quite slow, but I’ve dragged my feet at replacing it because, although I LOVE my Mac and Apple products, they are not cheap. I hardly used my old laptop anymore because it cannot hold a charge without being plugged in, and, as I said, it is extremely slow. Jeffrey has been encouraging me to purchase a new laptop but I don’t spend that kind of money easily. The minute I saw the new, sleeker, smaller, lighter laptop, I was in love, and it took barely a nudge for Jeffrey to convince me to go for it. So, we came home yesterday with my new laptop in hand.

I went with the smaller laptop – 13″ instead of 15″ (proving I am not a size queen)- because I’ve gotten used to doing most things on my iPhone and iPad so I’ve adapted to a smaller screen and the 13″ inch is lighter and thinner, which I like for portability. Migration was a snap, although it took about 2 hours to move everything from the old to the new. That may have been due to all those “art pics” I have saved on my computer *smirk*

Here are some pics showing the difference in size:




I’m not that tech savvy, but here are a couple of spec comparisons:


Old: 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

New: 2.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5


Old: 1 GB

New: 8 GB


Old: 15.4” (diagonal) 1400×900 Resolution, TFT Widescreen

New: 13.3” (diagonal) 2560×1600 LED Backlit Retina Display


Old: 5.6 lbs

New: 3.46 lbs

New Features:

  • This laptop is extremely faster than my old one, opening apps almost instantly.
  • It has a lot more memory.
  • Light up keyboard with black keys against silver frame. (easier to see)
  • I can Text and Facetime from my laptop.
  • I can mirror my laptop onto my TV screen via Apple TV.

I Gotta Say, this is a pretty damn sweet piece of equipment. I really love it and I’m glad I made the purchase. Although Jeffrey did not also get a  new laptop this time around, he does benefit: his laptop died a while ago, and he purchased a desktop Mac at the time because it was cheaper. He will inherit my old laptop so at least he’ll have one now until we can purchase him a new one. (He also has an iPhone and iPad, so he hasn’t suffered too much from lack of portability.)