Popping In

I’m trying to post more often but I just am not finding the time or inspiration to do so.

We spent our first day, since buying the house, this past weekend, doing yard work and porch repairs in preparation for our housewarming this upcoming weekend. Still lots to do but we got a lot done and the yard definitely looks nicer!

I “tiny dog proofed” the yard on Saturday and Harvey got to go leash-free in the yard for the first time. It was so amazing to watch him run like a crazy dog all around the yard, enjoying his new freedom. He seemed beside himself with glee. Sadly, it started raining Saturday afternoon and has not stopped, so he hasn’t been able to enjoy the yard again since then. (Apparently, he hates rain and cold…go figure.)

We also met with our landscape artist again and his ideas blew us away. Can’t wait to get started redoing our yard, project by project.

We had a couple of great social engagements this weekend, but it left us very little down time combined with the day of
yard work.

We woke up this morning to discover a puddle on our dining room table and water dripping through our light fixture. Not the way to start a week. Jeffrey stayed home and called a roofer who came and took a look. He gave us relatively good news, that some flashing and shingles were missing near our dormer window and repairs should be easy, quick and only a few hundred dollars. Jeffrey said he was very cute, but he failed to get photographic evidence. Bad hubby!

I’m pretty certain I’m on the verge of having a full blown cold, given my exhaustion, body aches, headache and flushed face. Very bad timing since I’ve so much to do before the housewarming, not to mention I don’t want to be sniffing and coughing while hosting! Bummer!

That’s what I’ve got for you this time around. I’ll try to pop in more often for updates. Promise.


>Flaking out


So the Capital District is bracing itself for (the threat of) another big snow storm tomorrow. 75% of our office has requested the day off and I guarantee not all of the 25% who haven’t will be in tomorrow if the snow predictions come true.

Although I am usually one of the stalwarts who show up no matter what, I have decided I have had too much white knuckle driving and 5 am exhausting shoveling marathons lately and I joined in with the 75% and requested tomorrow off just in case. If it is not as bad as they have forecasted, I’ll still come in. I’m not fond of wasting days needlessly.

The snow actually started this morning. It was a slick drive in – I passed two accidents on the way into work – and I’m not looking forward to the slick drive home .

Is it any wonder I have given so much thought lately to my big brother’s offer to let Jeffrey and me live with him if we want to move to Arizona?


>Cold comfort


Our first official winter snow has hit New York so, although I had the day off, I got up early to help Jeffrey and Josh shovel out the cars and the drive way. It was cold but the snow was dry so the shoveling wasn’t too horrible, although not how I want to start the morning of a day off, for sure. Here’s a shot from our side porch. You can see the area of the yard I shoveled for little Clyde, who is balked by the cold wet snow and will not go out to potty unless we clear a spot for him:

After the shoveling was done and the guys were off to work, I slipped back inside, put on coffee, stripped down and relaxed by the fire with my crochet project, warm and cozy. My mind started to wander to all the updates I will see on Facebook about the misery of the storm and snow and the hassles it presents and, for the most part I agree. I keep my friends and loved ones in mind who are traveling home or to work, wishing them all safe travel and shelter from the storm and snow. I know the snow presents risks and hazards.

But I also have to accept that I choose to live here and snow comes with being a North Eastern resident. The hassle of shoveling a few times a year is far less than the hassle of uprooting ourselves to start over again in warm climates, so it’s a choice I willingly make with consequences I accept.

With this in mind, I found myself grateful I could retreat from the cold snow outside into a dry, warm home. I thought about how beautiful the snow is when you aren’t stuck shoveling it or driving in it. I have stepped outside a few times this morning (properly covered, of course) to bask in the winter wonderland and remind myself that I can retreat from it any time back into the warmth and safety of Chez Breen. I allow myself to linger a bit and soak in the cold and chill and the white surroundings to help me better appreciate my luxury when I slip back inside to my coffee and fire and blankets.

I will be out in the snow tomorrow, driving to work and rejoining the rate race, but for now, I will sit here in my quiet, warm, comfortable solitude and enjoy the moment and be grateful for it.

>Post Party Pooped


The party was fabulous. Everybody showed, as promised, and the conversation and laughter flowed all night. I was humbled, awed and touched by this house full of friends who enrich my life day in and day out. The only way it could have been better is if all of my out of town friends and blogger buddies could have been there too.

It ran until midnight, clean up took an hour and a half and I didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am. Woke up at 5:00 am unable to go back to sleep, so I’m tired and groggy and basking in the afterglow of a great night. This week look for posts including: Chez Breen Christmas style and Breen’s Big Holiday Bash photo blog. I’m just too tired to pound out a proper post today as I have to rest up for Gay Bowling and board election tonight (I’m running for VP.)

In the meantime, here are pics from our first snowfall which fell yesterday, setting the perfect atmosphere for our party. These pics were taken this morning, but it looked even more beautiful in the moonlight last night.

>A moment of silence


My prior post was an only-option-for-me-to-respond response to the cowardly anonymous poster who chooses to post offensive personal attacks on me. I have neither the time nor the energy to investigate why someone who apparently hates me and my blog so much continues to read it. I guess it must be hard being in love with me and not being able to have me, so your only option is to stalk me on line, envy my life and attempt to show your school-yard crush by “pulling my ponytail.” You weren’t good enough in bed for me to want to stay on your good side, ether.

So, I have removed the ability for anonymous posters to post comments, as there is enough ugliness and hate in the world. My feeling is, if you’re going to tear someone down, have the balls to do it openly and admit who you are and where you’re from. Otherwise, piss off. For those anonymous posters who have left constructive and supportive comments, I apologize. I hope you will consider registering just enough to continue commenting.

As many may know, the northeast is being hit by an ice storm making traveling dangerous and causing power outages all over. I have chosen to stay home and out of it all. It is beautiful and peaceful in the house alone here with the fire crackling, the holiday lights aglow and the winter scene of snow falling. A true Hallmark Holiday scene if there ever was one.

I plan to respond to each of your questions, suggestions and requests from my pandering post in time. they are all saved and waiting for me to sit down and respond properly. There are only a couple things that will be difficult or uncomfortable for me to answer on this blog, but my intent is to respond open and honestly. You’ve been warned.

For those wondering why I am remaining at my job considering how miserable I am, all will be made clear soon. I have reasons – good reasons – for sticking it out. If it pays off, holding out will have been worth it. Nuff said for now.

I am committed to not spending my day on-line on my laptop. I just finished all of my holiday cards* and I’m doing this post and then I’m done. There are books to read, comics to sort, my multiple on-line address books to coordinate, a dog to cuddle with and favorite movies to watch. If the weather cooperates and the roads are safe, we will be taking a bus loaded with bears on a tour of Albany’s Lights n The Park tonight.

I hope you are all safe, happy and warm. Happy Friday!

*If you’d like to receive a holiday card from this blogger, send me your snail mail address and I’ll add you to my list ;-)