Back to Basics

I’ve decided not to renew my registration for my domain ( and my premium WordPress services, so I’ll be reverting back to the basic, free version of wordpress. Don’t know if that will effect links to my blog or not, so you’ve been forewarned.




How I’m Feeling Lately

Going Through The Motions

Every single night
The same arrangement
I go out and fight the fight
Still, I always feel the strange estrangement
Nothing here is real
Nothing here is right

I’ve been making shows of trading blows
Just hoping no one knows
That I’ve been going through the motions
Walking through the part
Nothing seems to penetrate my heart

Will I stay this way forever?
Sleepwalk through my life’s endeavor?

I don’t want to be
Going through the motions
Losing all my drive
I can’t even see
If this is really me
And I just want to be

Cold Hearted

This winter is kicking my ass. The longest stretch of mostly sub-zero temperatures I can remember having to endure. I don’t want to go outside. I don’t want to do anything. I just want to lay under blankets in front of the fire with the dogs. My exercise is shot to hell, my mood is sour and dour, and my energy is at an all time low. I’ve also been silently mourning Wayne. For all these reasons, and more, I haven’t felt like blogging.

Regardless, we carry on the best that we can. Two nights ago, we dragged ourselves out of the house for a farewell dinner with a friend of ours who has gotten a job and is moving away.

This was us waiting for our cocktails.








Then, they finally arrived. Aaaahhh….



Dinner was good and we had a nice time, although it was a bit melancholy as it was the last time we’d be seeing Joe for a long time.

Good-bye, buddy Joe. We’ll miss you!



Last night, we met another couple out for dinner. It was good to see them, but didn’t put a permanent dent in the winter glums.

Tonight, we took the pups put for a much needed nail trimming.

This is Rita, staying pretty calm, for her turn in the grooming harness.



Not  much else to share.

Be well, be kind, stay safe, and remember – life is short. Laugh and Love as much, as hard, and as long as you can.

If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for Wayne.



My heart is heavy this morning. My friend and blogger buddy, Wayne, has died. A little piece of my world is gone. I am sad I will never hear him laugh, or feel his hugs again. I am grateful to have met him, known him, and been inspired by him. He showed great strength during his battle with his health and I had hoped I would get to see him again. I was not that fortunate.

I understand death is a part of our experience. Knowing that doesn’t make this suck any less.

Goodbye, Wayne. I miss you already, Buddy.