Knit Picking


Tonight my friend David is coming over for what has become our weekly dinner, wine & knitting night. I started (for the third time) learning to knit 3 months ago. This will be my 5th knitting lesson from David. He’s very patient and easy going, which is helpful because I am having a really tough time getting the hang of it. I’m constantly dropping stitches or messing something up. I think all the wine may be interfering with my knitting, so I’m going to have to quit knitting. (Ba Dump Bump – Chhhhhhhhh!) Seriously, it is really balking me, but I’m determined to get it and appreciate all of Dave’s assistance. I hope to have a scarf done before I kick the bucket.

Sweet Superhero Swag

I went to a 50% off sale at a favorite comic shop about 50 minutes away from me…this was my booty. What a find!


The deal of the day was this sweet early issue of Green Lantern #40, featuring a crossover between the Silver Age Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and the Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott – in red).


It is currently the prize of my collection.

Although the sticker says $60.00, I got it for $30.00. I have only paid this much for a single issue once before (Teen Titans, original Silver Age series, Issue #1, for those who may be curious.)

It was a good day, indeed!