>Hauling our Balls to Connecticut


We are heading to a MAD this morning to meet our friends Matt and Patrick for breakfast before the four of us head out to Wallingford CT for the weekend to bowl in the Sweetheart LGBT bowling invitational. We’ll be staying at the host hotel in North Haven CT.

The weekend will consist of 9 games for each of us: 3 in a singles tournament, 3 in a doubles tournament and 3 in a 4 member team tournament. Sunday evening will be a banquet and there are cash prizes for best games. It is a handicapped tournament, so we all have a shot at winning if we bowl as well or better than our averages.

Honestly, I could give a flying pig if we win anything. I am excited about getting away for the weekend, going on our first “couples excursion” with Matt and Patrick (and bowling with them) and meeting a whole bunch of new people.

Oh, and, yeah, I do kinda like bowling. It’s fun.

Look for picture updates including the four of us in our Team T-Shirts I made for the weekend sporting the logo Matt and I designed for the GREAT Team name Jeffrey came up with:

Woohoo. Now I gotta go shower, shave, get dressed and pack. Jeffrey won’t let me travel naked :-(



Another arduous day and nothing to post for it. However, as luck would have it, I realized I forgot to post the pics I took Sunday of my super cute bowling team, “The Blowouts”, in our Team shirts I made, so here’s hoping a picture really is worth a thousand words:

Clockwise from the Right:

Ron, Louie, Me, Jeffrey

And my logo design on the back.

>Pride to "Spare"


I am excited about the bowling tournament we will be participating in, in February, and it reminds me, once again, why on line connections can be a good thing.

I was chatting with a guy on Scruff who flattered me with a “woof”, when he mentioned seeing bowling in my profile. (Yeah, that’s right, I’m not ashamed to admit I bowl in my public profiles.) He told me he bowled too and, in fact, organized an Annual “Sweetheart Invitational” LGBT bowling tournament held every year (as Annual events often are) on Valentine’s Day weekend in Wallingford, CT. After a lot of back and forth questions and answers, I decided to suggest to my husband, Jeffrey, that we consider going. He was intrigued with the idea, so we put the message out to our bowling friends to see if anyone wanted to join us and register as a 4 person team. One of my good friend (and our current League Treasurer) Matt, said he and his partner, Patrick, would really like to bowl with us, so our new team “Pride To Spare” was born. (A nod to hubby for the great name.)

We will travel to Connecticut on Friday, February 11th. We’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn in North Haven, CT, the host hotel for the event. For the next two days, we will spend most of our time at the “Wallingford Bowl” Alley in Wallingford, CT, where we will have to each bowl 3 games as an individual, 3 games as a doubles team and then 3 games as a 4 person team. Sunday evening there will be a banquet and award ceremony. Jeffrey and I will stay over Sunday night and return home Monday (St. Valentine’s Day.) Matt and Patrick need to be back Sunday night so won’t be staying through with us until Monday (bummer) but we are really glad they are going to join us for the weekend and our first bowling tournament adventure.

All because of some silly little app on iPhone. Go figure.

(And, speaking of silly things: I am going to my very first spin class tonight. EEEEK! Here’s hoping I survive the experience.)

>Showing off my ball play in public once again


Well, I have great news. Here’s a hint:

Here’s another hint:

One more hint:

So, I’m hoping you’ve all figure it out by now. I am officially returning to the world of gay bowling with a brand new team: The Blowouts. Blowout is a bowling term for when you down almost all the pins but one is left standing. The double entendre of a gay male bowling team using this name is not lost on us, obviously.

Jeffrey and I will be bowling with two new friends whom you may recognize from my recent Halloween Party post:

Ron The Barbarian

Louie the Lesbian

And both come with husbands as handsome as they are. How could I BE any luckier?

We are really looking forward to it. To prepare for our impending return to ball jokes and lane-side slutty shenanigans masquerading as bowling, we dusted off the ol’ balls and took them for a spin last night with some friends at a local bowling alley at which my good friend Matt works(Olympic Lanes in Latham, NY.)

I did horrible overall: 98, 131, 114 (I think my average on the books is 127 or some such) but I had a great time and had forgotten just how much fun I have bowling with my gay buds. I am really excited to be bowling again and can hardly wait.

FYI: I LOVE that if you do a Google search for “Gay Bowling” then switch to images, these two pics are in the first batch of images that come up – pictures from our last night of gay bowling last season! (First pic is me, housemate Josh and friend Tony. Second pic is me and the two Tonys)

WOOF! Anyhoo, that’s my great news for the day. Today is my first day under the direction and supervision of my new boss so here’s hoping nothing happens to dampen my good spirits.

And finally (and completely off topic), this quote filtered into my Google Reader this morning from “Quotes of the Day” and it seemed oh so apropos to share considering one of the things I said in my blog post yesterday:
“Events in the past may be roughly divided into those which probably never happened and those which do not matter.” – William Ralph Inge

Funny that! Here’s to the future with good friends, gay bowling and happy holidays.

>Bowled Over


We gambled and lost. Our original bowling teammates, from the Cosmo Nuts, took the summer off and had planned to return this fall so we didn’t try to arrange for new teammates. Unfortunately, they notified us Friday they could not return to bowl. Our summer teammates , from the 7BJS, also did not want to come back. As bowling starts tonight, all of our other friends had already teamed up and that left us with no one to bowl with, so Jeffrey and I will not be gay bowling this season. Kinda sucks but what are you going to do? I guess it’s another lesson to enjoy things while they last because nothing lasts forever.


>You gotta have big balls to be in a gay bowling league


I know you’re all waiting with baited breath for my blog post about my weekend with Tom and Dale and the graduation party, but I need to sit down and do it justice. My guests and friends deserve that much. So, for now, I’ll fill you in on the big, gay, fabulous debacle of last night, otherwise known as the last game of the summer session for our gay bowling league.

Given that, during the summer, we bowl on Mondays and are the ONLY league in the Bowling Center and, given that it is was the final night of bowling (for now) and, given that we’re all a bunch of big gay hams, a few of us decided to have some silly fun and show up in our own forms of “drag.”

Here we are upon arrival!

Housemate Josh and friend Tony in leather, me in my SuperGay outfit:

Josh and Tony clarifying who’s the Dom and who’s the Sub:

Friend Tom aka Peggy Sparkles, riding Josh to the snack bar:

Hubby Jeffrey discovering how many licks it takes
to get to the creamy goodness of a Super Sassy Pop:

Me, my former Teammate Tony (of the Cosmo Nuts who was subbing for one of the 7BJS last night) and Tony (aka Go-Go Bear). It’s a double shot of Tony with a Sassy chaser:

We bowled for most of the evening without incident until it was announced that there were 4 candidates for the “Gayest Bowler Award”: Me, Josh, Tony and Peggy. We were told we had the remainder of the evening to “gay it up” and try to win this much coveted award. Tony (Go-Go) and Peggy (Tom) didn’t seemed too interested in competing, but Josh and I have a long standing duel for the title since he won the award last Season so it was so ON!

At first we tried just cat fighting for it:

But when that ended in a draw I knew I was going to have to step it up, so I tweaked my outfit a bit:

That still wasn’t going to cut it. I (a middle aged, frumpy, out of shape, bitter, pale white gay man) was trailing so far behind Josh (a young, toned, tanned, bubbly gay youth) so I had to really get in the game.

Utilizing a solar blanket from Go-Go’s car and Peggy’s fashion sense, we slipped into the bathroom and were able to create a crinkly, crackly, shiny frock that wafted when I walked but not when I stood still. We turned my cape into a fabulous turban and added my flashing rainbow ring as an accent broach to the turban and VOILA! I was back in the running:

Unfortunately, despite the initial roars and applause and accolades I received when re-entering the bowling floor in this fabulous new ensemble, Josh recognized the wisdom of wearing something shiny to mesmerize the gays, so he got a hold of some aluminum foil and scissors and accessorized his already-unbeatable-flesh-baring-pretty boy outfit, assuring his solid ass-whipping win. Of course, flashing his little, perfectly round, bare bubble but at the crowd didn’t hurt his chances, either.

Here we are just moments before they announced the winner, while we were still friends:

I won’t say I wasn’t crushed or that I didn’t spend the whole drive home plotting my revenge but, after sleeping on it and having some time to process it, I realized that, yes, Josh must be destroyed.

Oh, and as a very minor consolation prize, 7BJS won the award for First Place Team, having won the most number of games for the season.

And, despite losing, I still think I looked #@!#!@&$$%#ing fabulous in that solar blanket.

>Bowling and Singing and Buddies! Oh my!


Last night my friend, Bill, organized a small group of us to go (gay) dollar bowling. (Dollar Bowling because the Bowling Alley offers games and shoe rentals at a dollar each; Gay, because we all are.)

I’ll admit I was tired after work and was not so sure I was up for it, but the hub and I dragged ourselves out regardless, as it is always a good time bowling with the guys. An added incentive for me was that one of my newer Undie Monday models, Mike D, was in town on business and asked if we could meet; he planned on joining us at the bowling alley after his work dinner to meet some of the gang and hang out.

I met Bill for dinner beforehand and then we met the hubby and rest of the guys at the Alley.

Not everyone who expressed interest in joining us showed up to bowl, so we bowled 3 games lickety-split and were done before Mike was due to arrive at the alley. After some back and forth texts with Mike, wherein I gave him some suggestions for where to go for a beer and went back and forth on whether I’d be joining him or not (as I was still pretty tired), I finally, begrudgingly, decided (with a bit of coaxing from some of the guys) to join them and meet Mike at Rocks for a nightcap.

And am I glad I did.

4 of us showed up at Rocks where Mike was patiently waiting and sipping a drink while chatting up a VERY cute guy. Mike was every bit the looker he seemed to be in his pics and then some and charming to boot. Introductions were made and then we sidled up to the bar for a night cap and some light conversation. We realized it would not be as easy to chat as we hoped since it was also Karaoke night, hosted by our friend Carmie.

There were very few people there, maybe 15 or so guys (including the 5 of us, the lady bartender, and Carmie) and Carmie was having a tough time getting people to sing. I’m no stranger to badly bellowing a karaoke tune or two, but usually I’m more saturated with alcohol and have a larger group of folks to cheer (a.k.a. egg) me on. However, after a while, we threw caution to the wind and started picking out songs and took turns singing alone and together.

And had the best freakin’ time.

The bar was practically ours and we had almost no competition for the microphone, so we continued to sing song after song; it was like our own little private karaoke party.

I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun at karaoke. I was dancing and singing and working up a mean sweat and laughing the whole time; and save for ONE beer, I was completely sober. We probably would have stayed even later but I knew I had to be up for work early and had been struggling with that all week, so we did our final number (and my favorite song to do at karaoke) “Friends in Low Places” (kind of my theme song, if you will) and headed out the door.

It was one of those amazing nights with friends that was totally unplanned – and, to think, I almost missed it for being a little tired. Good grief!

I am still basking in the after glow of a great night, grateful to be surrounded by such good people in my life and for the opportunity to have the experiences I do with them.

As a coda to last nights events, I will be having dinner with Mike D tonight before he heads home and I hope he’ll consider coming back again soon. It’s always exciting to meet another blogger or reader of my blog and its extra exciting to not only meet one of my Undie Monday models, but to discover what a great guy he is. I’m glad we were able to show him a good time while he was here. I just hope he’ll be able to block the memory of me belting out Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line” slightly off key at the top of my lungs while doing a dance that looked like a hobo on fire trying to kill a horde of attacking ants.

You just can’t buy entertainment like that, folks.