Loss and Love


The surgery was a success and I am now stone free in my right kidney. I do have a new hole in my back and in my kidney, though. Everything comes at a price.

My 7:30 am surgery didn’t happen until about 10:00 am, due to an emergency surgery that took
Precedence over me, and some concerns with my EKG from last week. But the cardiologist examined and interviewed me and gave me the “all clear” to go ahead, so the stones came out. (Whew!)

All the doctors, nurses and techs have been awesome! Jeffrey was a doting, concerned husband, as always (we’re seasoned veterans at this sort of thing, after all.) I was shocked when my bf, Jim, walked in my room, having driven all the way from CT ( a 2 hour drive) to spend some time with me while Jeffrey got a break to go home, feed the dogs, grab some dinner and pick my Mom up from the airport. He brought me a teddy bear ( shown above) to keep me company, and stayed with me for a few hours, helping me out of bed, walking with me, talking with me and making me feel extra loved before heading back home tonight. What a guy, huh? Good thing I’m getting all this stuff removed from my body…I need room for all the love these two men keep heaping on me.

Jeffrey and Mom stopped by on the way home from the airport for goodnight hugs and kisses before heading home. Now I’m just reading until I’m tired enough to sleep.

Thank you for all the texts, e-mails and comments wishing me well and keeping me in your thoughts. Love you all for your thoughtfulness and concern.

Tomorrow, out comes the catheter, and home I (hopefully) go!

11 thoughts on “Loss and Love

  1. I am late to the party but I was continually thinking of you and telepathically pulverizing the stones. My name means stones and rocks and I are one : that is my superhero power (well I have another but that is for a different malady)

  2. As usual, I’m late to the party. I glad this first one went well. That’s hopefully a good sign for the next two. Hang in there! We’re sending healing thoughts your way. :)

  3. Very reassuring to know how well you’re being cared for, S/b. Grateful thanks to ALL who are giving you such support, as well as giving us reason to feel some mental relief on your behalf.

  4. you have been on my mind all day. SO GLAD to see this post! and the teddy is adorable, as are you just after surgery!

    I bet harvey and rita miss their daddy; won’t THEY be glad to see you at the front door!

    one down, 2 to go! smooches, honey!

  5. I’m glad the surgery went well. I’m surprised that you had to have invasive surgery. I had the “water bath”, which really didn’t involve water but ultra-sound waves to break up the three kidney stones that were sitting at the top of my ureter canal ready to drop. They did put me under and when I awoke I had red bruises on my back where the kidneys were located. The sound waves broke up my kidney stones in little pieces which I passed over the next couple of days. It looked like I was peeing black pepper. Thank God you got rid of those kidney stones. There is nothing worse than passing a kidney stone except maybe if Michelle Bachman was elected president.

  6. Always glad to hear that a surgery went well, and I am sure you are glad to have those stones out. You are very fortunate to be surrounded by such love–it will help speed up your recovery!

  7. Rest well there in the hospital. That’s always a tricky proposition in a hospital. Hopefully they’ll leave you alone and let you sleep. I really hope you get to come home tomorrow. You were on my mind today, and I’m glad to hear things worked out. Good luck. Oh, and I like your bear. :)

  8. I saw the FB post, and I am soooo glad that everything went well.

    I’m also glad that so many people who mean so much to you turned out to help and make you feel better. I’ve had a few surgeries, and I know how support from friends can help SOOOO much (my family is too far away).

    GET WELL SOON (as if you haven’t heard that a million times today)!!!!

    Peace <3

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