I’m getting my rocks off…or out, that is!


I have to be at the hospital at 5:45 am tomorrow for a 7:30 am surgery. I will be having kidney stones removed from my right kidney.

What can I say? This blogger knows how to par-tay!

10 thoughts on “I’m getting my rocks off…or out, that is!

  1. Are you having them “blasted” out by the “water bath” method (that’s what I had done) or actual invasive surgery. Whatever method, enjoy the anesthesia. That’s the best part. :)

      • That sounds like a cleaner way to break up the kidney stones than they way they broke up mine. My bruising lasted for about a month. Didn’t hurt too much but looked bad.

      • My other surgery I had before the “bath” was when they had to go up through my penis with an instrument and break up the .6 millimeter kidney stone that was stuck for over a week over Labor Day. Coincidentally the Cajun was in the hospital at the same time. That surgery hurt big time for a few days when I peed razor blades. Second time this year I “peed razor blades.” The first time was for my prostate seed implants. I can see me having all these procedures but you’re so young. I hope this is the last for you and you’re on your way back to the old Sassy Bear.

  2. Hoping the anesthesiologist you wake up to looks like THAT guy!
    Sending good thoughts and energies your way.

    And did Jay just say nude parade?
    Oh my! Now that should make you feel better…. ;-)

  3. Oh baby, my heart goes out to you. I’ve been fortunate (?) to be able to pass 7 of those babies without surgery, but t’weren’t easy. Keep us posted.

  4. I’m thinking of you right now, S/b (it’s Tuesday). Fingers VERY crossed. Soon it will be “Well, that’s ‘stage one’ over with!” Wishing you oodles of good luck.

  5. You know my thoughts and prayers will be with you. No surgery is fun, and I sincerely hope you come through this stiff and sore, and THAT’S IT! Please tell Jeffery I’m including him in the above thoughts and prayers. I know how hard this will be on him, too.

    Oh, and we’re organizing a nude parade through your house during bloggerpalooza. Just to cheer you up! We’ll be downing cosmos and throwing them your way, too!

    Peace <3

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