Moving Right Along

Today was our family “little christmas”, since my Mom was on a Hawaiian Cruise during Christmas time proper.  It marked the official end (finally) of all the holiday hoopla in our life until next year.

It was, for the most part, an enjoyable holiday season. We did a LOT of socializing, both at home and out and about, including two trips to Connecticut and one trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts. We had 2 separate Christmas celebrations at home, a holiday social with our circle of closest friends,  and a quiet New Years Eve celebration at home with my BF, Jim, and his hubby.

But that is all behind us now.  There are no more cookies and no candy left. The decorations are down and put away and all “holiday music” has banned until the day after Thanksgiving, 2014.

Honestly, I’m glad it’s all behind us.  I am looking forward to healthier eating and regular exercise again, warmer temps (eventually) and focusing on all our goals and plans for the new year.

And blogging more.




4 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Hear! Hear! I will take down the Moravian Star on Tuesday (it hangs, lit internally from dusk to dawn through Epiphany). Then it’s all over for me, too. Everything else is put away (except the extra 1.5L of Eggnog I will partake of next week).

    I had a great holiday, too. I am glad you and Jeffrey had a wonderful time, too.

    Peace <3

  2. Yes, life gets back to something like normal for us tomorrow as the kids return to school (yippee!!!) and Superman goes back to work (not so yippee). I hope you and Jeffrey stay safe and warm with the pups in this cold snap.

  3. As enjoyable as the holidays can be, it is kind of nice to ‘move on’ when the time comes. Glad to hear that you had so many social opportunities! I look forward to reading more about your goals and plans for the new year. HUGS!

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