Merry X-Mas Eve from Idle Eyes

Jeffrey and I did our traditional X-Mas Eve pre-work breakfast at a local diner, and left a very large tip for our waitress, as we do each year.

I trudged through the work day, then we headed out to dinner at Milano’s, followed by a quiet night in, watching “The Sing-Off” in front of the fire with the pups.

This was my day outfit:


This was my night outfit:



This is my outfit now:


(Evil Grin)

In a little bit, we’ll put the gifts under the tree and head to bed. Hope wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whomever your with, you are safe, warm, healthy and happy.

Peace and Love


8 thoughts on “Merry X-Mas Eve from Idle Eyes

  1. When I first came here I was trying to decide which ‘outfit’ I preferred, but now I see that there’s a third appeared – and, would you believe it, THAT one is my choice!

    A happy one to you and yours, S/b. (Once again, but one can’t say it enough.)

  2. Merry Christmas to you and Husbear. I know I’ve kept both of you pretty busy with my JibJab productions. Appreciate it! I didn’t know you guys were such nifty dancers. :)

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