Where’s Harvey?

We spent the evening at my Mother’s house rearranging her living room  (at her request) to try to give her a better set up, smoother flow and better use of her space. I also made some decorating suggestions to help turn her Christmas clutter into something a bit more intentional and pleasant to the eye. One of her favorite recommendations I made was to gather all of her stuffed holiday toys that had been scattered about the house and place them all in front of her faux fireplace next to her x-mas tree. This also pleased Harvey, who decided to play a game of hide-in-plain-sight with us.


11 thoughts on “Where’s Harvey?

    • I do plan on knitting them sweaters :-) And, confession: this was posed, and Rita would not sit still to stay in the picture. It is very hard to get a picture of her sitting still.

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