Dragging our balls out once again

It’s that time again: tonight is the first night of the new season of gay bowling. We are returning to the LGBT league where it all started, (CAPB – Capital Area Pride Bowlers) with a new team and new team name: “Team Skittles Taste the Rainbowl.” (Not a typo…just a silly play on words so we have both a bowling theme and a gay theme in our name.)

This year, we’re mixing it up and adding some woman power to the Breen Team, so we may just actually do well!

4 thoughts on “Dragging our balls out once again

  1. I’ll try again. I thought I left a comment but it just blinked. I used to bowl in my Previous Life (back in the Sixties) and loved it. However, bowling isn’t happening in the area of the country (Delaware) where I live now. I would love to get back into it. Fun times.

  2. Fond memories! I used to love to bowl back in the Sixties (before you were born probably). I don’t know what happened but bowling isn’t happening where I live. I miss it. Enjoy!

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