Oh My Goggle!

Thanks to my buddy, Erik over at Gambrinous with a Griffonage, I became aware of these super cool steampunk winged goggles and simply had to have a pair, so I ordered them and they came today.

Of course, I don’t rock them anywhere near as much as woofy Erik does, but I’m thrilled to have them none the less.


13 thoughts on “Oh My Goggle!


    And I’m glad you did! When I saw them in Eric (SQUEEE!!!), I hit the link to buy them and saw “1 pair left”. But then I thought, “Where the heck am I gonna wear them?”

    They belong on your fabulous head, and I have no doubt that you’ll soon post pics of Steampunk Puppy Harvey.

    Drew (or should that be “Drool,” ’cause I’m jealous?)

  2. Of course you don’t rock them like Erik. You rock them your own way which is pretty rocket! Have you put them on Harvey yet?

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